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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


After a lot of consideration I have arrived at the conclusion that I'm not saving myself for Kinky..He just doesn't speak out about what he plans to do.I mean it's ok to say you want higher wages for teachers, health benifits and insurance for poor kids, gay marriage, against the death penalty, and is for alternate enery sources...Well, hell so am I but he needs to tell me what his plans are to accomplish all of the above. ..Plus in this saving yourself for Kinky so you can sign a petition to get him on the ballot is very hard for me to do.Because it is not just the primary vote for the governor's race, it is for all the races. I for one am not going to sit out an election on snappy comebacks and the hopes that good stuff is right down the road..I had better assurances when I married asshole's 1,2,and 3 and we all know how that turned out..i'm not much on buying a pig in a poke. His campaign slogan is "why the hell not?" Because that's how we got the last two governors, Forest and Good Hair Perry..Every body's atitude was why the hell not..? We got screwed on both of them..so even though I like Kinky and think he is cute, funny and writes great songs..Looks like I am going to check out the democrats, weak sisters that they may be....
fuckme till I'm reelected.

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Cassandra said...

Well, I will vote against Pretty hair Perry, that's for sure.