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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Some of the things they make with snake skin.

I think these are the paws from raccoons, not sure. They take a turtle(sorry Billy) and stick a rattle snake head on it and the raccoon feet on it and make a ...ugly little critter.

Those kids should have charged people to take their picture..they could have made a bundle.

From left ole Hertzog(spelling?) Mike and Tanner. I tell every body went I started going to the Snake Show Mike and Hertzog were skinny. But then so was I..I just tell everyone I grew into my tits.

Everyone wanted a picture of their baby, kid, girl or boy's picture taken with a rattle snake..This baby was not impressed and didn't show any reaction at all about the snake draped around his shoulder.

Mike letting kids come up and pet the snakes tail. He is so good with the kids, doesn't encourage them or push them or try and scare them. If they want to pet the snake, fine, in not, fine.

My goofy sweet friend. I have known him longer than any one in West, with the exception of in laws. Mike's birthday is Nov. 1st. mine is the 12th. We always used to celebrate our birthdays together...Which meant getting drunk and going dancing. We was some dancing fools. And we were very good at it too. Mike is the one that used to go with me to steal the numbers off of the VA's joint. They were big red letters. Mike stole the 6 for me and then when they replaced it stole it again. I turned the one 6 up side down and hung them over my bed..

Tanner..good kid and idolizes his Dad. What ever Mike does Tanner wants to do, but bigger, better and twice as loud. If Daddy was a ballerina, Tanner would be one too. Ha..that's a good thing.

The Saturday before this show Tanner did the sleeping bag bit for the first time. Glad I missed that. Sunday he was pushing at the snakes to keep them grouped up and they were striking at him. I kept yelling, 'I'm going to tell your mama if you don't stop that.'..ha

My boys.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks for that insight into your (former?) bedroom decor! Good thing the statute of limitations has expired for theft, because you just confessed to it and squealed on Mike too! Ha ha. You don't want to double-cross anyone who has access to rattlers!

Rox said...

Those little feet are scary and weird.


debrah:the tore the building down and built a new one so i dont think they care what happened to their old numbers..but wish i had thught to get mike and go steal all of the old numbers before they tore it down..damn..
yeah, no numbers in my bedroom any more.
rox:aren't they? really creepy.

Shrinky said...


Ye Gods, and the worst we have over here is the odd angry wasp! I could read the love on this page as you spoke of your "boy's", some friendships just "are", aren't they? (Right, good, and deep, that is.) They are rare to encounter and precious to keep..

jan said...

I think it's great that the kids don't grow up with a fear and hatred of snakes. I love the baby's expression.

sageweb said...

seems like you had a great time..very nice..even though it skeers me.

Nit Wit said...

A four part post!
Are you trying to set a record or do you just want to scare all your readers who are a snake bigots?
I would tell The Boss my big secret but I don't want her to have a heart attack.
The secret...
There is a 3 foot black snake who lives in our basement. There is no entrance from the basement to the house but it keeps the mouse population down pretty good.
Do they still have the big Jackrabbit roundups down that way or did Peta put a stop to them? I remember seeing that on TV when I was a little pain in the ass.


I don't know about the jackrabbit round up...missed that one..oh shit..a snake in the basement..eeek!
Im telling..
Mike and I have been best friends damn near from day one..he used to be the boucer at the capital. the bar we all hung out at and he spent 80% of his time keeping me from either kicking someones ass or getting mine kicked..our favorite story is the time some gentlemen from mexico with bad manners were making suggestive remarks to me and my daughter who were playing a game of pool..I asked them to cease and desist..and they didn't so I took the big end of the pool stick and pinned the ones balls to the bench he was sitting on and asked him to reconsider..before he could answer mike came up and said 'jeez, jackie unpin that guys balls.'..he also likes to tell the story where i was unhappy with this one chick and i referred to her as 'a no neck that's been down on everything but the titanic..'..
yah, he's my bud..im also the one responsible for getting him and sarah together..and always tell their daughter marissa that if it wasn't for me she wouldn't even be here.ha

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you got your camera fixed (or at least I assume it is)!

Snakes feel pretty cool - I remember being treated to a snake petting.