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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have theradio.com on, listening to Steppenwolf and The Magic Carpet Ride. The sun is shinning, it's about 76 degrees and that was even with a small rain shower this morning. Dexter is outside stalking the birds who have figured out he's way to fat to catch them. I have a gigantic pot of Minestrone on the stove cooking away and I've already done my errands for the week. Life is pretty fucking good. Oh, Sonny and Cher's Baby Don't go is on now..sigh*..I miss the 60's. I had blond hair down to my waist, weighed 108 pounds and had the world by the balls. Now my hair is short and red, my waist size has doubled and haven't seen balls in 25 years. But in West, Texas life goes on. Bold Springs Baptist Church is selling hamburgers all day March 11 and the West Trojan Band won Division One ratings in Concert and Sightreading. Have no idea what that means, but every one is very happy about it. Our local elections are scheduled for May 8. I am tempted to run for city council candidate just for the hell of it. The West VFD 17th Annual barbecue cook off is set for March 19,20. I think I will sign up for judging. I heart barbecue. Maybe I can talk Babs into going with me, 'cause she loves BBQ too. Yeah, right.
The grand price is going to be $15,000, made possible by a $5,000 donation from the Czech Stop. As of Tuesday morning there were already 65 teams signed up and that puts them up 10 entries over last year. We live near the Westfest and Rodeo grounds and you can smell BBQ like it was next door when they have the cook off..
The West council is encouraging us to complete the census as it helps ensure us of our fair share of federal dollars..feck!
The best news in the West News is the city of West has signed a five-year lease agreement on the old movie Theatre building. I have been saying this since I came to West over 30 years ago. It could be used for staging musical events, social events, and theatre productions.(Roses are Red My Love by Bobby Vinton)
Dinah Elizabeth Kaska was born on December 11, 2009, weighing in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Emily Grayce Wright was born on January 28, 2010 and weighed 7 pound, 15 ounces and 20.5 inches long.
Kiwanis Club Blood Drive is set for March 25 and Babs usually donates blood. West Knights of Columbus is having a fish fry every Friday through Good Friday for $7. (When Will I Be Loved by the Everly Brothers....oh, now Devil with the Blue Dress on by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels is playing. I am having a great time singing along.)
The lovely smart and beautiful Marissa A. made straight A's and is on the honor role(again).
The West Trojans baseball team is 9-0. They have a great team this year. The Lady Trojans season so far is 15-1..So proud of them. Eight boys and eight girls made the All District 7-AAA basketball squads.
89 nine years ago Joseph F. Janak had his prize-winning Holstein bull Pride Urcy Hartog on exhibition at the Fort Worth Stock Show.
West Food Mart has pork butt on sale for .99 cents a pound. Babs and I like saying pork butt. Community Grocery has Blue Bell Fudge Bars and Crunch Bars on sale for 2 for $5...sigh*
(Neil Diamond's Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show is playing)
If your interested in a change of scenery West has some nice homes for sale. Old fashioned charming 3-bedroom, 2 bath with 1,940 sq. feet, remodeled and updated in 2008 with new roof, new A/C and heat. Looks brand new for $128,900, or country brick home on 14 acres, 3-bedrooms, 2-baths. Very large country kitchen, garden room, enclosed porch, stock tank, carport, separate shop building for $269,000. We have some job openings too for CNA's and all shifts are hiring at Czech Stop. whee..
This Sunday I'm going to Jenny and Jason's and making home made pizzas for them. Hopefully Jamie will be there too. That is their birthday presents. I am getting them pizza pans, cutters, spices etc. and will make some batches of pizza dough for them so when Grandma's not there, they can make their own pizzas. it should be fun.(Can I Get A Witness by Marvin Gaye is on..)
Jenny's is the 18th and Jamie's is the 28th. I can remember like yesterday the day they were born. The were so sweet...and they still are. Jenny's wedding is fast approaching ...eek..and I still don't have a dress. Every time I find something that I like, is the right color(garden colors..pastels...does anyone know how old lady's look in pastels?...not good.)and looks good on me...it is $200. I'm thinking about going to wakko and Joanne's and buy a pattern and material and make my own. I just can't come up with that kind of money for a dress I will wear once. I'd have to wear it every day for 3 years to get my money's worth.(Pleasant Valley Sunday by the Monkees) I keep telling Jenny I'm going to wear my tennie shoes with the dress. Fuck, need to get shoes too. Plus get my hair done. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. But I'm so excited about it. Jenny has paid for as much as she could so she doesn't have to deal with I'MACUNTTHEDAUGHTERINLAW'....or in her case stepmother. She's getting married on May 29th. April 10 is the bridal shower, plus she's having rehearsal dinner too. More shit for me to buy. (where did our love go..The Supremes)
Well....gotta run you guys..my minestrone is done and I'm so hungry I could eat wolverine assholes. Hope it's sunny and shinny where you are.(blogspot will not download my pictures..)


Sling said...

Life sounds damm fine in West-by-goddess Texas!
MMMMMM!..Home made pizza!

Ted Amadeus said...

A little slice of Paradise.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

With enough ketchup, even wolverine assholes might not be too bad! Up here we say "I'm so hungry I could eat the ass end out of a skunk!"


sling:life is pretty fucking good.
ted:i like to think so.
debrah:actually i was going to use the expression that my mohter always used.."I'm so hungry I could eat the asshole out of a bear." always had a way with words that woman..

jan said...

The only way life could get better in West, Texas is for you to be on the city council. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

I heart barbecue too! I miss Blue Bell ice cream. I always had Blue Bell in the freezer when I lived in Dallas.

Rachel's Newsletter said...

Run for the Council.

Government, particularly local government, need smart frisky women who know the right thing to do, not the political thing to do.

My impression of you at least from reading your blog.

Intense Guy said...

Amen Rachel.

Counsel Woman/Goddess YDG...

That has a ... a cool buzz to it no?

:) I'll even vote for ya, even if I'm dead.

billy pilgrim said...

i just finished watching lonesome dove and i'm a hankering to move to texas.

does it get hot in the summer?

Twain12 said...

I vote for you if i could...and the BBQ sounds great. We still have snow, should be all gone by May :P
Glad life is good for you !!!


jan:im considering it..just to fuck with them..ha
rggs:i'd die with out my blue bell.diabetic or not..if i watch my carbs i can have 1/2 cup of about 3 different ones.with carbs less than 19...sigh*
intense:i might have to behave myself and im not sure i can pull that off.
billy:as long as you stay indoors from june till oct. you'll be just fine..but in case you can't do that..remember these things, never touch your car, crome, steering wheel or door handles on your car if you leave it in the sun. make friends with sweating..always wear a hat and sunscreen..even to bed..
twain:its texas even bad bbq is better than any place else.

Blueberry said...

Too bad you can't just rent a dress instead of going through the dress stress.

Rachel's Newsletter said...

Rent a dress!

I worked in a rental bridal shop when I was going to "typing" school back in the day. They had mother/grandmother of the bride dresses too. That experience sure was interesting for a poor Baptist girl just off the farm!

Makes sense to me though. Men rent their tuxes. Women have to buy their fancy clothes. How about a hoity toity consignment store? We have a couple of those here in Louisville where the fancy folk take their pricy stuff for resale.

The Sports Lounge Team said...

cheers, glad you liked it. even if you don't like foooty or cricket, we have an exciting scandal going on between this dumb model and the footy and the cricket player. makes it more interesting, and funny :-)..its as good as Tiger!