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Monday, March 15, 2010


I won a Best Blog Comment Award. For best comments I guess..I love dropping by others blogs and leaving some silly, goofy, profane comment and then running for the hills. Whee..I got an award for it. The wonderful Debrah gave me the award and here's how you can find her. She has an excellent blog..She did a series of some pagan places she visited and it was fantastic. Her partner takes great pictures. Plus she likes bag pipe music.

this is what I'm supposed to do..
1. Link back to the blog/blogger who nominated you.
2. Paste the picture of the award into your post.
3. Nominate other bloggers who you think deliver great comments to your blog.
4. Email/post/tweet or do whatever you need to do to inform these bloggers that they have been nominated.

These are the people I have given the award to. They all not only leave great comments on my posts but on others. Plus you need to check them out..They all have great blogs and are some of my favorite people. Babs is the howtogoinsane blog and she doesn't post at all any more..but you can check her out and say howdy..maybe if she gets some readers again, she'll start to post about her cockroaches that she's training to take over the world. Ask her how my pizza was that I made for her today..Get nitty from nitwitsnetwit to post more too..Stimulating his brain might help heal that hole in his tummy...
Any how...many thanks to Debrah for bestowing this lovely award to me..


Twain12 said...


sageweb said...

yay for your award!!! SLing is one funny commentor along with Billy...they both be real good

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, you're so welcome, YDG! Your comments make my day!

Patsy said...

Congratulations on your award! I should be kicking your bum for calling me a "MoFo" on my blog the other day (you didn't actually add the "Fo" bit, but I guess that was what you meant...!)

texlahoma said...

And thanks, I really enjoy your comments. Babs use to have some good posts, I hope she starts blogging more, I miss her.

Sling said...

Your comments are always a blast!
Thanks for the nod..I was hoping for a puppy,but still. ;)

Babs said...

It's raining men!

billy pilgrim said...

i love your comments because you cut to the chase, none of that wishy washy bullshit.

sling can have the puppy, i want a skunk egg.

rosemary said...

Good for you and well deserved as are your nominees.


thanks to all..and patsy all i said was happy mothers day to one great mother.
tex i wish she would blog more too..i miss her blogging and comments..she doesnt read or blog at all any more..think west killed her creative juices or something.
no puppies but i'm working on the skunk eggs. and there she is..she comments..ha billy im good at cutting to the chase..and all of my nominees were top notch.

Nit Wit said...

Congrats to you!
As to being nominated, I'm speachless.

tsduff said...

nobody does it better xo

Say, I know I've slipped off the face of everyone's blogroll - working has sucked it all out of me - time, energy, creativity - just all of it. I've always admired you and your blog(where are we supposed to comment about when we started reading you and what we thought?) - so much that I stole your Gaea for my own blog LOL!

Still loving Jack our garden gnome which you incredibly sent all the way from West...