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Thursday, March 04, 2010


It's in the 60's....the sun is shinning like a 500,000,000 watt bulb. I have been doing some gratuitous baking. When I was in post office last month one of the guys mentioned that his birthday was coming up and he liked soft baked goods with no nuts.(I had made them peanut butter fudge for Christmas) So yesterday I took them some brownies with no walnuts..They were so excited. Told them I was going to bake some banana bread (6 loaves) and would bring some. He said he'd be on the route tomorrow and wouldn't be at the post office. I said come by the apartment and I'll give you a loaf. So he's coming by today to get his loaf and will have him take a couple with him for the others. I mentioned on Face Book the baking and Jessica O. (David's oldest daughter) reminded me that today is her birthday and she likes peanut butter brownies and if I was going to be baking for the post office, I could bake for her too. So before I go outside in the sunshine, I have to make some peanut butter brownies. Have to take Babs over a loaf of banana bread.Which leaves me one small loaf just for me....sigh*..Probably will give it away too..too tempting...Eating one slice of that banana bread is like eating one potato chip...can't be done.

It was beautiful out yesterday too and I felt so bad for Dexter not being able to go out and sit in the sun. (besides the little mother fucker was about to drive me nuts....He hates it when I read my book, the paper or work on the computer. Will come in here and attack me, or start knocking stuff off the book cases, knock phone off the hook, toss everything on my side table by recliner into the floor, rip into his treat bags. What ever it takes to get my attention..Man this cat is fucking nuts. So I took him outside and first thing he did was run like a bastid into the parking lot. When I didn't chase after him like I normally do when he gets out he just dropped down and started rolling on his back. He stayed out for almost 2 hours playing right in front. Climbing the trees, exploring and running in circles. He'd come back to the porch and rest. So I guess if I don't chase him he'll stay close to the apartment. He really had a great time and so did I ..watching him is a trip. He's so smart, I think I'll take him to the local airport and see if they'll let him direct plane traffic.
I'm trying to find a rotor-tiller so I can do the corner of the yard and make a small garden. If it pans out I'll do it every year. If it doesn't..Fuckit!..I'll just plant flowers and not mess with veggies any more. Too fucking old to be butting my head into the wall over a basket of miniature tomatoes and 42 okra.
Small pause there...just let Dexter out and he discovered to his horror that a male cat had been on his porch last night and marked his territory..Oh man...Dexter is pissed...he's all puffed up and walking around all stiff legged..
I took a couple of pictures of him with the snake pictures. But he was doing his best to be uncooperative.
Anyone besides me going through Olympics withdrawl? I could watch some curling and maybe another hockey game..Except this time we win. I was so happy for Canada. I felt bad for our teams but the Canadierans were not to be denied. Plus I just read on HearinHands blog that 43% percent of Canadian men would give up sex over bacon and 42% of women would do the same. But what I want to know is it regular bacon or that Canadian bacon? Which is nice on pizza but doesn't go that well on a BLT. Well, I'm going to go take out my ivy and aloe vera and set them in the good ole Texas sunshine and bake Jessica some peanut butter brownies..Hope spring has come to where you are. Oh...the best news .......because of all the rain..we're going to have a bumper crop of bluebonnets..will take a bunch of pictures..cause if you haven't seen a few acres of blue bonnets..you haven't lived.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow -- you should get the absolutely best postal service in all of West, Texas!

Oh, that Dexter! He's such a little . . . dickens!

jan said...

I love to read about Dexter. It makes my dignified, although totally annoying, Taki seem mild and well behaved.

I'm having serious Olympic withdrawal this week. I've been turning on morning TV and remembering how much it sucks with no Olympics.

Intense Guy said...

You can see that glorious sun shining in the West Hardware webcam shots!

I wonder what the USPS policy is for accepting loaves of tempting banana bread from a saucy wild wimmans likes youse? You gonna slip in a Dr Pepper too? :)

I could watch those sexy USA lady curlers all day... :) Something about that kneeled over pose that makes me drool.

Twain12 said...

i want to be your mail woman :)....just LOVE Banana bread

Nit Wit said...

If they don't stop wasting money and clinging to old ways that don't work anymore you might just see a new policy. They might start having a bake sale with everything you bring them. It might save the Saturday delivery if you can keep baking.
Canadian Bacon is just ham. It can't make a good BLT because there just isn't enough fat in it.
I miss the Curling. They have a new Curling game out for the WII (WEE?).
The problem is when you use the controller that you have to move around to do the sweeping it looks a little strange.
Acres of Blue Bonnets and acres of hay fever coming soon.
It's going to be a muddy mess around here if it ever warms up again. We still have a lot of snow on the ground. If it warms up to quick we will get to have flooding. I gotta find someplace that doesn't have any weather changes. I'm tired of all the types we have had around here the last year.
I showed Little Bit the pictures of the snakes. After she saw them she started crawling around hissing and said she wanted a big snake that bites.


debra:when I took the bread up to the post office they were sooo sweet..so thankful and appreciative..i told them everyone said i'd have the best post service in the world and said i already did..they loved it..
dexter is a pistol..
jan:i love this fecking cat...weird as he is and all..oh man yes, i miss the olympics..can't find curling on any station at all.
intenseguy:i never thought to take them dublin dr peppers..they'd really freak out..ha..
i actually thought the canadian women were better looking than our girls..that one red head was a real looker..
twain:comeon down I have a whole loaf left.
nitty:I personally dont think them not working on sat. would make a difference. they commented that they didn't see as much of me any more..told them i did all my bills on line and except for assorted birthday, get well, or christmas cards..use the net for correspondence..blue bonnets don't mess with my allergies thank goddess.
oh i'd love to see her crawling around like a snake..let her play with the one in the basement..hah

sageweb said...

love the update, dexters name fits him..I need to go read Roxitas post.

Luther Wayne Wardlow said...

wish 1., my truck was here and running 2., I'd load up my tiller and break up rows for ya but...and buts are the main thing nowadays life is full of buts...