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Friday, March 12, 2010


Hard to believe I have been blogging for 5 years today..Holy shit!..I'm not sure but think Sooner was my first reader and he sort of passed the word that there was a crazy old lady from some little dinky town in Texas raising hell on blogster and check her out..Babs started coming around and then Nitty, Billy(Leo) Tex and some that have passed along the wayside. Oh man..if you read some of my old posts....I typed everything in caps and it the brightest yellow you ever saw.. Not easy to read. Some one finally had a talk with me about it and introduced me to spell check.
So...here I am 5 years later..and loving every minute of it.
What I'd like for you to do ...(even all you schmucks out there that read but don't leave comments) is to leave a comment about when you started reading, why and what you thought then and what you think now...Give the old broad some encouragement. Thanks to all of you that have stayed with me all this time..I love you like family...no...that's not right, because I don't like most them sonsabitches. I love you for what you are...my very dear friends..


Patsy said...

Congratulations! I've not been following long enough to see any real changes in the blog, but you've inspired me to rummage through the archives later... :o)

Moonwolf said...

Five years! Well done. I am a newbie follow -- like maybe two weeks? Love your blog, though!

Rox said...

I love you because you're a spitfire and the world needs more girls like us in it! You're like the mom I should have had...happy Blogiversary!

Ted Amadeus said...

Here's looking forward to many more years of great laughs, logic and love...
Keep up the great work!

Blueberry said...

Happy blogiversary fellow Texas cat-loving yellowdog. You've got me beat by a couple of months on the blogging. Nice to make your 'quaintence.

Sue St Clair said...

We first found you on BlogMad, and I remember getting hooked on a series you were writing about your life's adventures, and we haven't stopped reading your blog since. :)

Much love from Canada, and a very happy blogiversary!

Twain12 said...

I started reading after I found you on somebody else's blog and you cracked me up..congrats on the 5 year anniversary ♥

Pom said...

I can't remember when I started reading you but I think I came to your blog via TGAB. I stayed because you were hilarious and warm hearted.

Nit Wit said...

Happy 5 year Anniversary! I've got one of those around here but I don't remember the date.
I think you commented on one of my blogs about screwed up government back then, or I found you old list of blogs to read on that nasty old Blogster.
Then the parties started at Sooners which I showed up to at the end after I got off work and helped carry out the bodies and hide the evidence. It wasn't long before we all started to move over here and meet new friends. If I remember right Leo was one of the last to move and changed his blog name to Ruby Bites. Good times.

I am without internet or phone right now until someone pays the bill. Don't ask about that big antenna (sp) in the corner that picks up broadband from Mars.
Still getting better just not online as much as I would like.
I don't know what the collection agencies will do, not being able to give my phone it's daily workout.
It sure is quite around here though.
As Babs would say. Happy Happy Joy Joy, Jackiesue has an anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog because Casa Del Retardo had a link to it. I liked your style of telling it like it is. I lived in Dallas a number of years ago so I understand your love of the Dallas newspaper. I’ve been reading your blog for about two years. I love the Monday stumbles. I also like reading about small town Texas living. I have many relatives in small towns in Missouri so I’ve spent a lot of time in them. It’s fun to read about. Plus I like a gal who lays it on the line.
Congratulations on your five year anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm a schmuck who's been reading for over a year - leaving no comments - and laughing my ass off every step of the way. Thanks for all the fun...and for telling it like it is!

Rainwolf said...

I think I started stalking you after reading a smartass comment on Pissy's blog. But it's been awhile so. I stayed because I'm in training to be you when I grow up.
Happy Anniversary!

Green tea said...

I don't remember how I found you, but lurked for a long time before I commented, I was afraid the Goddess would put a spell on me.
I fine myself spending more time on Face book then my blog.
I hope I make it 5 years :)

Java said...

I've been reading sporadically for close to a year, I'd guess. I found you through your comments to HeartInHand's blog and from Casa del Retardo.

Intense Guy said...

I think I started reading your blog about two years ago - at first it was your uninhibited expressions that made me curious - and then your humor - "goddess answers" and outspokenness.

I'd been reading almost entirely run-of-the-mill, soul-less, make no wave blogs up to that point. Your's was captivating and controversal (comparitively).

As I grew to understand you - and learned more about you - several other dimensions came to my awareness - your unabashed love of your hometown of West - for Annie - for Babs - Nitwit - Sooner - the folks you worked with - led me to eventually understand there was a woman with a heart of gold and a razor sharp brain beneath the profanity who had lived a hard life (but really lived it!)

I'm honored to be one of your readers and to count you as a friend. I wish you many more years of blogging, friendship, and life worth living.


jan said...

Happy 5th one!!

I started reading when I was doing one of those blog exchange things when neither of us had been blogging for very long.

I would have to read two dreary blogs and someone would read my enchanting one.

Then I came to your blog and was blown away.

I've loved your posts, your pets, your town, your humor, your comments on my blog, and our emails from that time on.

A lot of bloggers have gone by the wayside in five years. (Don't you love it when the fuckers say, "I have a life..." when they run out of shit to write about.)

Keep writing. I'll keep reading.

Love ya.

billy pilgrim said...

on behalf of the academy of insane bloggers i'd like to express my thanks for the light and clarity you've brought to my defective brain.

well fucking done!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy 5th Blogoversary, YDG! And many, many more!

I first came across your blog probably about 2 or 3 years ago from a link on The Gods Are Bored. Here is my exact first impression on reading your blog: "Holy crap! WTF? Who is this hell-on-wheels, crazy beyotch?" So I read your blog sporadically for a while, but wasn't an "official follower." Oh yeah, I was a lurker at that point, too.

Then I started seeing your comments pop up all over the blogosphere. Every single one made me laugh or think. So then I thought, "Jeez, I need to follow her blog more closely." That's when I came over, about a year or so ago, and signed up as an official follower.

Since then, I've been totally charmed and entertained by all the news of West, by Goddess, Texas; skunk eggs; Dublin Dr. Pepper; Babs and Shady Lane; Dexter; your three good-for-nothing husbands; your wild youth; the Rattler Roundup; various chili cookoffs; and of course MONDAY STUMBLES and TGIF FRIDAY!

Your blog is totally one of my faves and thank you so much for writing it! Hugs to you and even Dexter too!

sageweb said...

I came here a few years ago..I think I found you on The Auld Hat blog. You are a kick in the pants..I laughed my ass off your comments you left on other peoples blogs and on your on posts!


patsy:ha..some of them aren't for the faint of heart..but I'm glad your here.
moonwolf:didn't know about you.but have blog rolled you so we'll keep in touch.
rox:there are a few here that are like my kid...and your one of them.I remember when I met you..Kevin said you were his new best friend and I was so jealous.ha..
ted:I remember you from when you were galt-in-the-box. ha.
blue:yup, next to west your living in my favorite city. when i go down next to visit shady lane we'll have to get together over a dr pepper.
sue:oh man those 'life, music and news' posts were a ton of fun..except for a couple of years..ha
twain:I think alot of people found me from my comments on others blogs, which reminds me debrah game me a blogger award for commenting and i keep forgetting to post about it..bad jackie, bad.
pom:glad you did, don't know what I would have done without your help when annie was sick.
nitty:Im so sorry about your health and all your money problems stemming from it..hope the gov. gets off their ass soon and gives you your disability. You know as everyone does, your my favorite.Oh man..the party's at sooners..I couldnt get to them as at the time the only computer i had was at the library and they were closed on fridays..anyone that missed those..well, you had to have been there.
rjjs:yup..another one from kevin. You rox and java I think..glad your here.
anonymous schmuck:thanks for commenting..you can do it more often you know..I appreciate it very much.
rainwolf:yup, another one of the kids. I see me in you and you in me..Im working on me...and you..ha..
greentea:yup, I spend a lot of time on facebook too..thought i wouldn't like it, but it's been a lot of fun. what with over 600 'friends' I did have over 1,000 but no one should have that many strangers for friends..
java:yup..good ole kevin..who then when and deserted us...sigh* now him I really miss.
intenseguy:ahh, my sweety..another kid/son/brother. Your heart..sigh* such a big one.
jan:we have the best email conversations..we'll be going back and forth shooting out smart ass remarks trying to out smart ass the other..hope that never ends.
billY:ahh, my favorite canaderian and owner of the lovely ruby and side kick to the even loviler mrs myskin..snort*
debra:yeah, your a fav too. I love your blog and glad we found each other.
sage:yup..another kid..with the beaver tshirt..ha.

Jeff said...

Happy blogiversary to my favorite yellow dog! Keep writing, Jackie Sue

rosemary said...

I don't remember when I started reading your blog. I love your honesty, your love of cats, the fact that you read the newspaper and don't get your news from TV, I know I can count on you to make me laugh and that you have not one mean streak in you.

Sling said...

Am I the only one who loves you because you gave me a t-shirt that once had your tits in it?

Ted McLaughlin said...

I found you on someone's blogroll about a year and a half ago (can't remember whose), and have been a faithful reader ever since. I don't always comment, but I love reading your blog.


(You have me beat by a year. I will celebrate my fourth blogiversery on the 16th.)


Jeff:thanks bud!
rosemary:not a mean streak mabye, but trust me..there are people that have hurt me,my family or friends that have lived to regret it.ha..
sling:I love that you are the only one that has a tshirt that used to encase the big girls..
ted:i like your blog cause we think alike..which if you think about it..is pretty fucking scary.ha

Rachel's Newsletter said...

I'm new to following; 1 week or so now. I think I got your link from Nit Wit's blog.

Where do I go to find all those "adventure" stories one commenter mentiones??? SMILE

Congratulations. I love your stuff.

lucy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. I have just started reading yours, oh about one week. I'm a blogster in training. I still have alot to learn, I hope mine will become as funny and serious and interesting as yours, and yes I need to have rain show me where the spell check is located. Plus I already feel an attachement since you remind me of someone I'm very close to, and I do hope she grows up just like you.

So Not Wishy Washy said...

Gah. I know I'm late in the game, but I also know that you'll forgive my sorry ass because Buddha's been sick, I'm working my ass off, physical therapy is a bitch, and I'm in the last week of my grad class from hell.

Without further excuses, we met when I had my OTHER blog. The one I abandoned because some fuckers wanted to use it against me in my workplace. Fuck 'em. Bastards.

I could certainly be your daughter. You'd have been a super dee dooper young mother, but what the fuck, right?

You love my son like he was genetically related to you...I think there's some of your DNA in him. You understand the insanity of my in-laws and offer to bip 'em. You endeared yourself to my Pack Mule husband because you two adore the Cowboys.

I love you to pieces and cannot wait to get back to some sense of normalcy so that I can read and comment on a regular basis. Here's to at least 25 more years, you tough broad!

Elizabeth said...

I can't remember when I first stumbled upon you, but I'm awfully glad I did! You're an inspiration and a hoot and a half. xoxoxo

Babs said...

I think I introduced Sooner to your blog, missy!

Cheyenne said...

I don't remember when I first started reading your blog but I do remember I found you through Babs.
I will have my 5 year anniversary this June. It goes fast, doesn't it?


rachel: just to to the left hand corner and type in a year..a post will pop up....'74 is pretty interesting.huh guys?..ha
lucy:a newby, but a goody...welcome aboard..
wishy:you are my kid..and robert is my grandson..all there is too it..ha
elizabeth:i think i found you and then you dropped in every now and then...feeling is mutual.
babs:crap i always get it wrong..you found me first and then told sooner who spread the word..ha..excuuuuuse me..but you at least get food out of the deal.
cheyenne:yup...your one of babs nascar buddies..ha..

the ex Mrs.B said...

Happened upon YDG by accident over a year ago. Since then have read the entire archives . Like the way you shoot straight from the hip & no candy coating your life's experiences.
Having lived in West with The In Laws from Hell I am reliving West through your eyes & it's so much better the 2nd time around.
Happy 5th Anniversary Jackiesue. Looking forward to many more years with you m/f. Keep on blogging.

Doralong said...

You've given me many a laugh through the years- long may you run!

Doralong said...

PS- You've inspired me, I may get off my lazy ass and start blogging again :)

texlahoma said...

Oh, I almost missed this post. My memory ain't all that but I remember that I liked you right off the bat.
We were blogging at "that other place", a lot of those folks hated me because I was always saying that 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq. That was before I even knew (believed) that it was an inside job, they would have really hated that! You and I shared the intense dislike of our then president Bush.
It's been a pleasure to know you, I hope you keep up the good work(s) both blogging and otherwise.

Yankee Girl said...



You were the very first blog I started following when I started my blog. I don't remember how I found you, but as soon as I saw "yellowdog" I was hooked. And then I learned that you are a yellowdog from Texas and I just HAD to stick around and see what you were all about.

As long as I am blogging, you will always be "my first." And you know how most women like to hold on to their first. I'm no different in some cases...

And I love the goddess. I love anyone who refers to a goddess. It makes me giddy with delight.

I love knowing that I can count on you to help me through my Mondays, I love knowing that I can count on you for some awesome and inappropriate jokes, I love knowing that through it all, you are fighting for what you believe.

You are a true, honest and real woman. And that is hard to find these days.

I look forward to reading 5 more years of your blog posts!


xmrsb:you should come back for at least one more westfest.
doralong:I hope you do start blogging again..I miss you.
tex:i remember your saying 9/11 had nothing to do with iraq..and agreeing..glad you've stuck around..your still on of my favorites.
yankeegirl: i didn't know i was your first...i like the idea of that..ha..
thanks everyone for all the nice words..and keep on coming back...I do it just for you.

John said...

Love the blog, happy blogging I have been doing it for a while now too.

Heidi said...

Congratulations, Jackie Sue! May you have another wonderful 5 years on the Blogosphere! XOXO

Matheu said...

I started reading about four months ago is all and I've got this as my second homepage in Firefox. I have grown to love it all.

Kulkuri said...

I started reading your blog a couple or three years ago, even before I started blogging(2yrs next month) and I think I found a link on BBC's blog, something like a crazy lady in Texas.

Paula said...

I don't leave comments much of any where, but I came here from The Gods are Bored and I look forward to your style. You have made me laugh more times than I can count and make me long a bit to let loose more often. Because really who would it be hurting? ;-)

Mojo said...

Well, Mom, I read your blogs when you tell me too ;-) and on occasions like this. I was watching Julie and Julia, thought of you and well, here I am. I don't have to read your blogs to know how funny you are...You rock, Mom!
Much love,