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Saturday, April 22, 2006

.......COWGIRLS ON THE FLY.......

I love my DAM NEWS.....this was in my DAM NEWS yesterday..
Cowgirl life is second nature...women ride into North Texas to camp and rustle up some fun..
This group of about 40 "sisters" packed their feather beds for a weekend stay at the refurbished and renamed Vineyards Campgroud on Grapevine Lake, where they will fly-fish among other activities.
The Sisters on the Fly are a national organization of independ, sassy women who drive vintage, Westen-themed trailers to campsites across the country to fish and enjoy other outdoor activities...."We don't talk about work or men. We talk about flat tires and fishing. The purpose is to cowgirl up. We can do everything and anything.".........Maurrie Susssman founder of Sisters on the Fly.
"I love the outdoors, and getting together with women was such a great experience," said Ms. Verri,38, who is traveling with her mother, Barbara Verri of Plano, in a 1960 Shasta travel trailer with a cowgirl painted on the side."With women, we really work well together and learn from each other. It's more of a sharing time. It kind of pushes you out of your comfort zone."..One truck pulled a pink trailer emblazoned with "Sisters on the Fly". A cowgirl dangled from the air conditioner.
The visit coincides with the opening of the campgrounds once known as Silver Lake, and Joe Moore's wife Peggy Moore has also goined the group. Joe is the assistant director of parks and recreation. The women who hail from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Montana, California, Arkansas and Texas will also have access to a nature trail.
Group members kicked off their weekend Thursday at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth.
The group's founder, Maurrie Sussman of Phoenix, said Sisters on the Fly has no criteria for membership and only one rule:"have fun."
Ms. Sussman and her sister Becky Clark hatched the idea for the group while they were celebrating catching an 8-lb brown trout while fly-fishing in Montana.
"We do not ask race, religion, political views or sexual orientation," said Ms. Sussman. The organization has nearly 500 members ranging in age from 28 to 83, Ms. Sussman said. They range from experiencd outdoor types to those who have gone their entire lives using"indoor facilities."
"Let's just say, they're learning to rough it."Ms. Sussman said, slightly tipping her wide-brimmed cowboy hat.
"It's a true sisterhood," said Ms. Verri, an Internet company manager in Dallas when she's not tinkering with her trailer.
"I wouldn't trade my cowgirl sisters for anything," she said. "We've helped each other through good times and high times."
The mural on her trailer is decorated with a favorite quote:"Well behaved women rarely make history."
"That should tell you everything," Ms. Verri said.
(Sisters on the Fly will be at the Vineyards Campgrouds at 1501 N. Dooley St. in Grapevine, Texas through Sunday. For more information on Sisters on the Fly, visit www.sistersonthefly.com.)
Well is that a kicker or what....I am so proud to be a woman with sisters like that on the move...and that quote about well behaved women is one of my favorite quotes and have posted about it before..I for one am going to check them out..
Wonder how much it would cost to buy a little trailer and slap it on the ass end of my little truck? Hell...I have new tires...but the gas....oh man..the gas...if the gas was cheaper..I would do it ...maybe...well...probably not...even though I love the idea and think it would be cool and fun...that would last about ...hm...3 days ....I think I could last 3 days..but anytime after that I would have to be put in restraints..because of my lack of people skills on a one on one basis...yup...3 days...maybe I could do it for a weekend a month...or a week end a year....yeah..that's the ticket...a weekend a year...all of us anti-social women of blogville could get together one weekend a year...whadda ya think?
fuckme till I wear spurs.


Unknown said...

Yep. I spose we could all meet up in a wagon train near the lake. Gotta have a lake for the horses to swim downriver and get our supplies for us. Yep. Leave all our guns at home. Nope.

Nancy said...

I'm looking for my cowboy boots, there in the closet somewhere. Where should I meet you? Sounds like a really good time!



Tina said...

Count me in! I have pee'd outdoors before and camped and fished - let's git er done haha ;)

Nit Wit said...

I feel so left out, Just because my plumbing is different. Oh well I don't have a trailer anyway or people skills.

leo myshkin said...

fuck me until the fish bite! i've tried fishing but could never figure out how people have the patience to stand in a river all day waiting for a fish to bite.

a bag of ju jubes in the hand it worth two in the bush.

Josh said...

Sounds like an interesting group. Maybe you could talk to them and see if they might plan one of their retreats a little closer to where you live?

Tara's World said...

Hey Im In!

Cassandra said...

You mean spending time longer than 4 hours with real people? Hmmm... as long as I still can have my much needed private time, I can manage.

Normy said...

Oh that's so cool!!! I love fishing and old campers. That would be a great time...