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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Yup...it's Wed. again....gather around my children and I will inlighten you with the news and the comings and goings of the residents of West, by God, Texas..and a lot of goings this week...had 8 people croak..all of them in their 70'sm 80's and one in HER 90'S...YUP.. all the women who died were in their 90's and the guys were 80 or younger...fuckity fuck fuck fuck...there goes our senior summer baseball league.
The first United Methodist Church in West, youth group is having a 'little bit of everything' sale and bake sale this Sat. Proceeds will help the youth group with camp costs and upcoming activities.
West PTO has a meeting May 2 in the West High School Lecture Hall. An election of officers is planned and all memebers are encouraged to attend. (which will be a switch)
The city of Abbott(Willie's home town) is hosting a reception this Sat. to honor 6 individuals for their contributions to the Abbott community during their lifetime.
Good news....West High School senior Sarah Middlebrook, representing the McLennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society, was named the 2006 Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen at the Texas pageant during the spring meeting of the Czech Heritage Society of Texas. Along with her Little Czech Sister, Grace Banik of West. They will proudly carry the title throughout the state. Miss Middlebrook, received the 'Introduction and On-Stage Interview,' the 'Kroj Modeling Award, and was named by the other contestants as 'Miss Congeniality.' Sarah wore a 90-year-old, authentic Moravian kroj from Kroj, loaned to her by Henrietta Cervenka of West.She also won a tiar, bouquet of flowers, trophy, Czech crystal pieces and various prizes from local sponsors. She will carry the title to the 20th Annual Miss Czech-Slovak USA Queen Pageant in Wilber, Nebraska on August 4-6 during the 45 annual National Czech Festival Days.
Tanner Holecek and Michelle Kaska were married on April 22nd. at St. Mary's Catholic Church.Rosa Lee Clark is engaged to Bryan Scott Kolar. They will be married on May 13, 2006 at St.Martin's Catholic Church in Tours.
Two new babies...Abbey Grace Beseda weighted 9 lbs. 4 oz. damn...and 20.25 inches long...hahah. that's cute..Preston John Griffis was born weighing in at 7 lbs. 5 ozs. and 19.75 inches long..Derek Lednicky celebrated his 6th birthday and "Lordy Lordy, look who's 40...Billy Kilgo..
Lonnie and Barbara Lenders are celebrating their 48th anniversary and Gene and Willie Mae Eagan celebrated their 50th.
50 years ago they were talking about the new sidewalks at the Catholic Church and eagerly awaiting the altar from Italy. Father Ed gave the blessing at the Kiwanis Club meeting and everyone sang happy birthday to him as it was his birthday...I love Father Ed..he wears cowboy boots under his cloak..
West kids kicked some serious ass in district 8-AAA. The Lady Trojans shared first place with Whitney with a tied 8-2 season...they flipped a coin and we kicked ass there too..they will represent district and Whitney will be in second and Hillsboro was third.The Trojans won a playoff spot by beating Whitney 10-0 in a ho-hit game...The West 8th grad girls won first place in the District 8-AAA track meet.And the West Explosion, a softball team comprised of girls 12 and under took second place at the Burleson Easter Extravagabza tournament in Burleson.This was the teams's first ever ASA tourney..The 8th grade boys won the District 8-AAA track meet.. goooooo trojans.
If you like pinball one is for sale in West...built in th 50's A Williams Ding Dong pinball up for $450. also a Starr Upright piano built between 1880-1920 is for sale for $350.such a deal...
West Elementary School is running an ad in english and Spanish for kids who will be in kindergarten and need to learn english. they will be giving english classes for kindergarten and first grade during the summer...their mama's should go with them...The other day I was in the $1 store buying bird food and I recognized one of the ladies and her 2 kids from when I held my garage sale..she and the kids are as sweet as can be...the little boy is about 1st grade and baby is almost 2..she speaks very little english and I can get by poquito in spanish...anyhow..the little boy was looking at toys and mama wandered off with the little girl and he lost her..and freaked...just a little..he was trying to be cool...so he came to be and asked me if I had seen his mama..I said no, but I would find her for him...he was clinging to me...so I went up and down the aisles and after a short time (must have seen like an eternity to the little boy) I found her...she was like "oh...what?"...I tried to explain to her but lacked the spanish so I just reassured him that mama would never leave him as he was such a sweet and good little boy...but all of that could have been avoided if she spoke english and could have understood me when i was calling for her for her son...we have a small but growning Mexican population...I think it's because we have a large Catholic congregation and lots of farms...When they ran the ad for the kids they should have said the mothers were welcomed to come and learn too..ohhhhhh welllll...
They sold all the poodles and the Great Pyrenees pups are going for $75 now...heehee
4 bedroom/3 bath brick home on 1.5 acres gameroom, lots of room for$169,900
3bedroom brick home on 16 acres shop building for $149,900.
well, not much else is going on in my little hamlet...I did talk to Patsy at Community Grocery and she said everyone tells her she had a great birthday last Sat. but for the life of her she can't remember much after the cake and the singing of happy birthday...Marty came by and fixed my fuse box so now I have electricity in the other two rooms...never use the one and had the refer on a ext. cord from my bedroom and only cook during the daylight so it wasn't too bad...but now I don't have an excuse for cleaning up that damn room....books..books...everywhere books..I also remembered to get a bird book and finding out all kinds of stuff about the birds on my porch...all male Cardinals feed the female when he is courting and she is nesting..but she also feeds him...David O's dad remarried and the boys went to the weddding but David was his usual self(asshole)...when him and his brother and his wife walked down the aisle the usher asked him(David) if he wanted to sit on the grooms side or the brides side..and my best friend in the entire world said: "what the fuck difference does it make?"...that's my boy....ok....that's all the news worth printing...ya'll come back and see us ya'hea?


zero said...

you have been tagged- read my blog for an explanation- justin

Anonymous said...

Now what the hell kind of blog post is this? Looks like the weekly paper back in my little home town in West by gawd Tennessee, only longer. Y'all must not have a local paper out there - 'cept yore blog...

Thanks, sweet meat, for fixing that comment thingy so's I can use it.

Unknown said...

Hehehe. Your town crier report. You know you would have been pretty good back when the British were coming on the East Coast. Now you can yell, "The Mexicans are coming." Yea. That ought to do it. Happy cleaning.

Nit Wit said...

Be careful the books may be the only thing holding up the walls.
I bet that Abby kid got her mothers attention when she arrived.
Loved the jokes but I liked the Koala story best. :D

Anonymous said...

I lived in Texas for a few years as a boy and haven't gotten over it yet. Just kidding-I liked it !