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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

.......HAND IN HAND.......

There were two different articles in the DAM news this morning...but one is entirely linked to the other...makes my red neck ass red..Follow the bouncing ball my friends..follow the bouncing ball...
rs cites millions in discrepancies; firm defends actions..
by To
dd Robberson-staff writer-
A federal inspec
tor looking into the performance of DynCorp International said Tuesday that he had identified tens of millions of dollars worth of accounting discrepancies, missing weapons and unauthorized billings by the Dallas-area employer.
Stuart W. Bowen Jr., the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, criticized both the State Department and Virgin
ia-based DynCorp, for what he called lax accounting and monitoring procedures related to a camp-construction contract for police trainers in Iraq.
The contract was for 1,048 trailers and an Olympic-size swimming pool to
be built for police trainers in Baghdad and else-where in Iraq.
Mr. Bowen's report cited $43.8 million in State Department expend
itures for a camp that was never used by police trainers. It said DynCorp had billed the department for $4.2 million in unauthorized work related to the contract.
It added that the State Department "may have spent
another $36.4 million for weapons and equipment, including armored vehicles, body armor and communications equipment that cannot be accounted for."
A Dallas Morning News series in December, which was cited in Ms. Schakowsky's announcement Tuesday, identified potentially life threatening lapses involving DynCorp's management of weapons, armored vehicles and body armor in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The t
roubled stabilization and reconstruction effort, which has made private contractors the second-largest force in Iraq behind the U.S. military, has prompted members of Congress to seek a re-examination of the U.S. mission there.
Mr. Bowen's report said the State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement had initiated its own investigation of DynCorp's billing practices in late 2005 and quoted an int
ernal department report as saying, "INL cannot determine if the bureau received what it paid for."


Second a
rticle...........Associated Press

Armor absent at times in Iraq, Afghanistan.
Washington- Hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have experienced shortages of key protective equipment including armored vehicles, roadside bomb countermeasures and communications gear, a Pentagon survey released Tuesday shows.?"
The Defense Department Inspector General's Office polled roughly 1,200 se
rvice members and found they weren't always adequately equipped for their missions. The troops were interviewed in Iraq and Afghanistan last May and June.
Those surveyed reported short-comings with vehicles outfitted with armor; "crew-served weapons," which are weapons it takes more than one person to handle, such as artillery or a large machine gun; electronic
countermeasure devices, such as equipment designed to foil roadside bombs by interfering with cellphone signals that may be used to detonate them; and communication equipment.
The survey found that those not getting needed gear include troops performing untr
aditional missions such as training, reconstruction, detainee operations and explosive ordnance disposal.
In some cases, they went ahead with the work anyway, used informal means to get what they needed or canceled or put off operations while waiting for equipment, the report summary said.
The report found the U.S. Central Command and the Army's internal equipment controls inadequate and recommends improvements.
Only a summary of the findings were made public; much of the report is classified.
Gee! I won
der why? I wonder how many of those soldiers shipped home in those coffins died because DynCorp pocketed the money supposed to be spent on weapons?...Wonder who they sold them too instead of them going to our soldiers?....
I have a lot more questions to ask, but these 2 articles have given me such a head ache, I'm afraid if I think about it much longer, my brain will explode...
Fuckme till I'm classified...


Cyberoutlaw said...

What makes it so bad is that this kind of stuff has been going on from day one, and people have been ringing the bell on it for the last six years, and up until now the press has pretty much ignored it, giving these stories maybe a paragraph on page 35.

texlahoma said...

I saw some of those vehicles headed South on a train a couple of years ago, brought the reality of the war to me. I saw a report where soldiers were adding any metal plates that they could get their hands on to them because they were so thin.

Unknown said...

First: What in hell do you need an Olympic-size swimming pool to train police for?

Second: cyberoutlaw is right. Anytime the government is spending money we get into this kinda stuff. Everything from $5,ooo hammers back in the space race days to the unused hundreds mobile homes bought and never used by FEMA after Katrina hit the coast.

Third: All t his money is coming out of OUR pockets. Maybe the IRS could audit Uncle Sam?


cyber:yup, when i was googling this, i found articles as far back as 2003 and probably before then...
tex: there was an article not too long ago about parents of soldiers raising money to buy them flack jackets ..as they didn't have them...

june:they have been stealing money hand over fist, and not one peep about it from the white house..why? it's his buddies that is doing the stealing..im sure he gets his cut...daddy gets a cut and cheney gets a cut...everyone ...fuckity fuck

Allan said...

War brings out the vultures before the first shots are fired.
My condolences to the people of Texas and to the entire nation on the recent passing of Ms. Molly Ivins.
We have been playing old interviews/speeches on our station all day.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to follow the bouncing ball JS .... It just makes me more and more depressed ... :(

carina said...

Well I'm going to feel ever so good about paying my taxes in April. NOT.

Martine said...

And all that money spent for killing when it could have been used for healling... and so many people in your country are in need of some kind of help.

Why don't people realize that they have the power? Politicians can't do anything without them. They are not going to war are they? They are sending your children. How horrible!!!


allan: texas will never see the likes of molly again..and that is sad..
sue: i know it makes me sad too..but I have to get mad so maybe I can stir things up with my anger..
carina: makes you pissed dont it..
martine: we have the power, we just need to use it...vote..vote ...vote..