I'm a liberal pagan living in West,Texas..yes that West,Texas

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Do you know how embarrasing it is to think that you are alone in the library and let one of those squeeky little oozer farts loose and then realize that there is someone in the stacks looking for books...?...do ya.????.huh.???..do ya.????.



my face is sooooo red...

Anonymous said...

Well, er, that does sound awful. And, yep - I think I've done something like that before :-D

Say, I really like your mother earth picture on your sidebar. May I use it sometime?

Anonymous said...

I have been in a similar situation before, but I just looked at the other person as if they did it...

Anonymous said...

If your face is red just think of what the smell is doing to the library visitor. Henrietta might bar you from the library if she gets wind of it.
Sorry that was bad...

Anonymous said...

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JBlue said...

No, but I'm sure Mr. Pink does....

Anonymous, for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

where ever you may be

let the wind blow free

Anonymous said...

I do this at Walmart and no one even bats an eye lash. :)

apositivepessimist said...

Granny farts can be deadly!

Anonymous said...

It must have been the deviled eggs.

Anonymous said...

Hell my husband does that in public with a big goofy grin and a lot of pride.

But I would be red with you! LOL!:)

Anonymous said...

I've done it too. Every once in a while, one just slips by. . . Welcome to being human. . . I just blame it on barking spiders. . . .

Anonymous said...

Must be all that library dust, LOL!

Anonymous said...

my husband takes full credit and pride too. his fave is doing it in an elevator and giggling like a school boy.


Anonymous said...

Don't be embarassed..they were hiding in the stacks so they could cut one.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stack person should have ripped a little one off, just to make you feel better, I know I would have.

Mouthy Girl said...

Jamie named her cat Twat????? Classic! Fucking classic!

Glad the apartment is going well! I want pics! And email me the new addy, punk!

As for the farting? My friend farted in the FACE of one of her students last year. IN HER FACE. It was not only stinky but also audible. I almost pissed my own pants when she told me!

Cassandra said...

You can threaten them with bigger farts next time!


tsduff:yes, you can surely use the mother earth...either one of them...the goddess likes to get around...
ol lady: well, if i knew the person it probably wouldnt have bothered me at all...but dont have a clue who the old guy was..bet he remembers me...doh..
nitwit:yeah, henrietta is looking for a reason to toss me out on my farting ass anyhow..ha..i love your little 'pun'...
anon:you are going to make me go back to using verifacation..you asshole...

jblue: ahhh..you never farted in public?...yeah, right..ha
rubybites:ahhh longfellow...
nancy: at walmart..who would notice?

apos: my granny farts are pretty lethal...it's all the meat, cheese and veggies...

josh: you know ..you might be right...the deviled eggs made me do it..
mimi: yeah, guys do it and just blame it on the dog..
lauren: oh man..barking spiders..i love that one..
cyberoutlaw:nope josh is right ..it's the deviled eggs..
molly: yeah, my oldest son used to fart in the elevator, get out and then send it up to me..i would get on elevator and gag...

sling: yah, maybe he was farting away in there..

tex: that's cause your a true friend...
buddhagirl:yup..twat the cat...haha
that's my girl..
babs: who needs bigger ones..need smellier ones..

hannah said...

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