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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007.....................SO FAR....IT'S NOT SUCKING

I'm sure you have all heard the old expression...SHIT HAPPENS... WEll..it do...right in the middle of my cold my lovely 20 year old RCA tv went out..think it might have been the 10 movies I watched back to back....I was to sick from my cold to get out in the icky shity weather(rained for 3 days, tornados, winds, etc.) so I listened to my oldies but goodies station, read and took lots of cold medicine..man did I read...I read Dean Koontz new one(terrific...Brother Odd), Tony Hillerman's new one, Joseph Wombaugh(SP), Scott Turow's new one..and about 6-7 othter new ones ..I was in hog heaven...sick...but happy...kinda sorta didn't miss the tv....I even listened to the Cowboy's game on the radio..up till the 3rd quarter and I said fuck it and turned it back to oldies/goodies station...they sucked...bit and blew...fuckers...I'm so pissed I may not even watch them play this Sat. against Seattle..Good thing they do have that 5 day waiting period to buy handguns or I would have shot that fucking T.O. by now...dipshit......Finally I took my gift card and went to the House of Satan and bought me a new RCA...I was going to get a 24 inch but they didnt have a RCA and the lady said that if I got the 29inch it came with the new what ever it is your supposed to have on your tv so you can get tv on it.But I wasn't prepared to pay that much right now..not with moving and all...so I bought a smaller one and when the new what ever type tv's come out in smaller size I will get another one a 24 inch and hopefully they will have it in a RCA..I loved my little RCA..20 years....not so much as a bleep out of it..but all the time I thought I couldn't read the scores on the tv because I had bad vision but it was the fuzzyness of the tv..ha...still for 20 years..she did me proud...I am also proud of myself..I lugged the fucking tv home...carried it to the porch..scooted it across into the house and then I set it up..all by my self...hooked up the VCR/DVD player also..and programed it all by myownself...and not a dick to be found...Women..we don't need no stinkin' dicks...
My nephew called me and said he is shipping me a computer this Friday...I'm so excited I could weep..no more posting from the library with punk kids reading my posts over my shoulders...I know some mom is going to come up here raising hell over the content of the stuff their kids are reading over my should..
I need to get in touch with Nancy so she doesn't spend the money to get her laptop fixed for me...I be in high cotten..now I need to make sure that you all tell me what I need to do to protect myself from getting any more zombies...virus's etc...
Did anyone watch the Oklahoma/Boisie State football game last night? oh man..I know that Sooner is biting chunks out of the furniture...but I'm telling you..it was one of the best college games I have ever seen..hell, it was one of the best football games I have ever seen...I hated to see anyone lose that one..they both were fantastic..but Boise State pulled some trick plays out of their bag and man..they were not to be denied...such a game...I thought the game was won by Oklahoma 4-5 different times and then Boise would come back with some prime time football and either tie it up or go ahead..it was unfuckingbelievable...
Oh...oh.....oh..the best news yet...I fit into (no struggle either,just slid right into them)a pair of jeans that I bought thinking I could wear them about 5 years ago..to to small...now they fit perfectly..I have lost more weight..I mean these jeans could barely fit over my thighs and wouldn't even come close to closing so I could zip them up...and now they slip right on and zipped right up..I did a little dance...ran to the store and showed everyone my new ass...so proud....
Well, I have a little time left so I am going to try and read some blogs...please excuse me for being so neglectfull...I will do better...I have missed you all soo much....thanks for all the Happy New Years and get well's ....I had 135 emails when I got to the library at 3pm....argh!
Hopefully I will post about some world news...ole Sadaam biting the bullet, Ford's passing, the kilt football player from Denver,how sad is that..My granddaughters new job....and the lastest haps in West...sigh so much to do..so little time...
fuckme till confetti shoots out my ass...HAPPY NEW YEAR DAMNIT!


Anonymous said...

It's still in the shop, the lap top. I haven't had time to pick it up. And you haven't e-mailed me your new address so I can mail you the stuff I want to mail you. I'm a little crabby because I got that fucking cold. It's the cough that's killing me, I cough till I pee my pants. It just sucks. Amy is coming tomorrow and we have to pick her up at the airport in Boston. Goddess I hope I feel better tomorrow

Glad to see everything is going OK.


Anonymous said...

I’ll have you know I don't have a stinking dick! I wash it all the time, sometimes too much.
I caught your code too.
Now The Boss has caught it and I blamed it on you.
I'm surprised the parents of West didn't band together and buy you a brand new computer just to preserve their children's innocence.
I would get AVG Anti virus, it's free and can be set to do auto updates. If I can get it together I'll try to send you a cd with some stuff on it.

Gotta go to work. :(

Anonymous said...

Do I need to come down there and kick your new, smaller ass? What are you thinking lugging a TV home by yourself with your back? That's what grandkids are for!! BTW: I'm a big fan of RCA too.

I about shit myself when I saw the Lions/Cowboys score. Normally, those dickheads can't hit the ground with their helmets. . . let alone win. They beat Dallas and lose their first round pick in the draft. . . Just luckin' fuvely. . . No wonder I hate football. . .

Great news on the new computer. We've missed you. I'm sure the parents in West will also be happy to know that perverted old broad won't be warping the minds of their children in the library any longer. . . LOL!!

BTW: Loved the maternity joke!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! You are kicking ass- guess that's not surprising- I second nitwit's AVG rec- been using it for a long while,
AVAST (google "avast anti-virus") is good too.
Email FWDS attachments from large mailing lists are often the cause, beware those. Your zombie was trying pretty hard to spread itself for awhile, but it's good to hear yer real self is comin' back!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pants and on the new 'puter! Hopefully some people on here can give you some tips on avoiding all the nasties that can get into computers... I'll try to e-mail you some advice and suggestions soon, just remind my ass if I forget.

Anonymous said...

Damn you and your shrinking ass-my ass is refusing to budge. It just keeps spreading and expanding. I do believe it's planning to join Babs in taking one the world.........

Can't wait for you to get the new 'puter and start firing off those wonderful posts that we've all missed so much

Anonymous said...

Way to go on fitting in those jeans! Ain't that a wonderful feeling? I bet you are one hot granny!

I am sorry to read you were sick. But way to go on carrying that tv. I knew you were a tough bitch!;-) So did you get that apt? Congrats on the new computer!

happy new year!!!!!!!

apositivepessimist said...

heh I just read Brother Odd a few weeks back....a great read. Now I'm reading Seize The Night.

Woot I love yer nephew!

soonerfan78 said...

I ate my furniture.

Bitter pill to swallow, I shit a 12 ounce can of Trappey's Jalapeno' black-eyed peas as well, if I could just figure out how to shit some cornbread I would go to work for the Red Cross.

What a game, we bow to the power of the Realm that is Idaho, they have potato mojo.

We in Soonerland have misery, suffering and the endearing quality of recognizing this magic that was manifested to behold.

Happy New Year, may T.O. slowly turn inside out over a very long period of time.

Anonymous said...

By te by Brother Odd was good. I think doing series has made Koontz even more fun to read.
I'm trying to wade through Lisey's Story right now but haven't been reading much.
I may drop it for now and read Hominids since you sent it to me to read.

Carina said...

WOOO! A good start to 2007...new 'puter, what a honey! Losing weight, good for you, was cutting back on the Dr Pepper worth it? :)
I don't watch TV at all, I have one but don't turn it on even though I have cable, how stupid is that. Maybe once a month? Naw, not even that often.
HUGS and HNY!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

don't need a dick, new toys, smaller waist. you got more stuff going for you than an ant at a picnic.

which is nice.


nancy: oh man..dont you just hate that? coughing and peeing...ick..and sneezing causes a flash flood...my new address is 701 Tokio Road #11
west, texas 76691
does that help? ha...plus i have already put in a change of address and the ups driver knows me and going to chase him down and let him know im moving and where to send my stuff..
nitwit: ohh good stuff to kill virus's and zombies.yeah...sorry i sent you a cold thru cyber space...dont tell the boss it was me that sent it..
lauren: ahh, the kids were in bellmead and i was in west..by the time i called them and they came over i had it all hooked up...plus it didnt hurt my back..i think after 11 years im better..not perfect, but better..and dont fall on my ass anymore either..which is really great news..'
the only good thing about the game was that it was your lions that won..i think at once point i screamed at the tv..
'well, i hope your fucking happy now lauren.'...hahahah
them sonsabitches..
allan:yup..im up and running again...still coughing my lungs out..but much better..im going to get down to 150 lbs if i have to cut my tits off...that will knock off 25-30 lbs right there..
josh: trust me..i will be reminding everyone to help me keep the virus's and zombies at bay..no more of them fuckers..

junebugg: i am sure that was you that called several times..but i was so sick i didnt even get up to answer the phone, plus one of the calls was in the middle of the cowboys game and you didnt want to talk to me then...i was too pissed..
mimi: i did make some strange sounds while lugging that tv across the yard..lots of ooof fuck's....going to find me some scales and see exactly how much i have lost...i be proud..
apos: will have to check out seize the night...who's it by?...yeah, my nephew is a sweetheart and his lovely wife loralee..
sooner:oh man..i feel your pain..who woulda thunk it...all them potato eating white dudes...T.O. is going to be put on the death watch..cause im gonna croak the bastid..

nitwit: hoped you liked lisey's story better than i did...i didnt like it at all...have a bunch of new ones..think you will like the hominoids series...i read the other two and really did like them...made me think ..hmmm..like thinking..
carina:yup i have to admit..no dr. pepper did have it's pay off...still have a ton of weight to go..but i can actually see the difference and that helps...oh..i love my tv..watch a bunch of shows..24, lost, er, boston legal, heroes, and there is a new one called the big day and it's hysterical..
rubyrocks: an ant at a picnic..now that one is a new one..but i do have a bunch of shit going on now..wish you all were close enough to help me pack up this shit..ugh..

Anonymous said...

The Boise game was fantastic, it revived my love for football that the 49ers have sucked out of me for the past few years.

Sorry about the Cowboys, but they had to know about the TO art of wrecking franchises when they signed him.

Congrats on the skinny ass. Photos?

Anonymous said...

That last line made me laugh out loud at work, LOL! What a visual!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know, hon, we may not need dicks...but they sure are nice to have around on occasion *laughs uproariously*.

Anonymous said...

My parents sent me a brand new, 80 Gig HP Pavillion computer for Christmas, but that stil doesn't give me a way to go on line from where I live.