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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


By 2050, the Latino population will have tripled, the Census bureau projects.One in four Americans will be Hispanic by mid-century, twice the current ratio.
spanic women have the highest unmarried birthrate in the country--over three times that of whites and Asians, and nearly 11/2 times that of black women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every 1,000 unmarried Hispanic women bore 92 children in 2003(the latest year for which date exist), compared with 28 children for unmaried white women, 22 for unmarried Asian women, and 66 for unmarried black women.
Forty-five percent of all Hispanic births occur outside of ma
rriage, compared with 24 percent for whites and 15 percent for Asians. Only the percentage for blacks-68 percent--is higher. But the black population is not going to triple over the next few decades.
The only bright news in this demographic disaster story concerns teen births. Overall teen childbearing in the U.S. declin
ed for the 12th year in a row in 2003, having dropped by more than a third since 1991. Yet even here, Hispanics remain a cause for concern. The rate of childbirth for teens from Mexico, part of the fastest -growing immigrant population in the U.S., greatly outstrips every other group.
To grasp the reality behind those numbers, you only need to tal
k to the people working on the front lines of family breakdown. Social workers in Southern California, the national epicenter for illegal Hispanic immigrants, are in despair over the epidemic of single parenting. Not only has illegitimacy become perfectly acceptable, they say, but so has the resort to welfare and social services to cope with it.
Dr. Ana Sanchez delivers babies at st. Joseph's Hospital in the city of Orange, Calif., many of them to Hispanic teenagers. To her dismay, they view having a child at their age as normal.But what is 'most alarming,' Dr. Sanc
hez says, is that the 'teens' parents view having babies outside of marriage as normal, too. A lot of the grandmothers are single as well; they never married, or they had successive partners. So the mom sends the message to her daughter that it's OK to have children out of wedlock."
Conservatives who support open borders are fond of invoking "Hispanic family values" as a benefit of unlimited Hispanic immigration. Marriage is clearly no longer one
of those family values. But other kinds of traditional Hispanic values have survived--not all of them necessarily ideal in a modern economy, however. One of them is the importance of having children early and often.
"It's almost a badge of honor for a young girl to have a baby," says Peggy Schulze of Chrysalis House, an adoption agency in Fresno. It is almost impossible to persuade young HIspanic mothers to give up a child for adoption, Ms. Schulze says. "The attitude is:'How could you give away your baby?' I don't know how to break through."

Jackie says:"Close your legs...take birth control if you can't keep your legs closed...." You're Catholic and the Pope doesn't want you to use birth control?...He doesn't want you to have sex when you're 14 either, but that didn't seem to slow you down any......"
fuck..we're losing the country to illegals who can't keep their legs toget
fuckme..I use birth control...

He said: "Our troops in Iraq have fought bravely. They have done everything we have asked them to do. Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rest with me." President Bush, in his live speech to the nation this past Thursday.

Jackie said: "No shit
you ignorant asshole...You fucked up not once but so many times, we have lost count...Ya, dumb fuck."

They said:There are 8 democrats running for President...

Jackie said: "Fuck...I'm throwing my bra into the ring...oops, sorry Barak..didn't mean to hit you in the eye."

fuckme until they stuff my box with dangling chads..


Anonymous said...

here in our neck of the woods, for birth control, we have several options...
'quarter'...put a quarter between your knees and hold it there, long as you have the quarter there you won't get knocked up.
'shotgun'...girl child brings boyfriend over for supper and we make him watch us clean our guns and we have a chat with him...usually solves the problem of him being around the girl child again.
'fishin trip'...we invite boy to come to camp for a day of fishin, while out on the lake we let him ask 'why do you have cement blocks on the boat with chains attached?' once we explain how good the blocks keep bodies at the bottom of the lake there usually is no trouble with him.

apositivepessimist said...

interesting stats but kinda not surprising.

hit him in the eye!! shit you’d knock him out with it!

very clever post format and way of saying it.

oh fer fucks sakes...this is my 3rd go at the bloody word verification. I suck.

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are phenomenal, and sad. Apparently, a lot of people are either living together without getting married, or the women are raising these kids alone. And this only applies to those who actually responded to the Census, which isn't likely to include illegals, so the numbers may be even higher.

And conservatives who support open borders aren't thinking about any family values whatsoever. It's purely selfish interests at work there. They're thinking about votes.

Anonymous said...

I work pro bono with some of these young Hispanic mothers who have dropped out of school to take care of their babies. It's sad that they will probably never have a future now that doesn't require public assistance. Most of the ones I work with regret what has happened to their lives, but that isn't keeping them from continuing to have an active sex life without birth control.


ol lady: yup...we have the same type of birth control here...
apos: yea, i could knock him out of the ring he just tossed his hat into..ha..
i swear, i will try and remember to take the verification thingy off..i hate it too.
cyberoutlaw: the numbers shocked me..it's worse than i thought..
jan: it's really sad...but I find it hard to feel for them..when we have troubles enough without more from them.

Anonymous said...

This depressed me so much that I am going back to bed...and I just got up.