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Sunday, January 21, 2007

..............SNATCH A BOOK..............

I have made up a list of books that might interest some of you..at least I hope so..

This book was a 'damaged' book..it has splashes of ink from the printing..no pages are damaged..just the outside and the back has been sorta warped..but not so bad it won't stand on it's own..the ink has stained some of the pages but nothing is covered over so that you can't read any part of the book...normally this book runs about $50 in good shape..so because of the condition it goes for $20 and you pay the postage..depending on where you live it will probably run about $10 as it's a big ass book..705 pages..The cover says 'How science has shaped the world and how the world has affected science from 4,000,000 B.C. to the present..
you can google it and find out more..or you can email me:yellowdoggranny@yahoo.com and I will tell you more about what's in it.
2. Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre...this is quality paper..which means it's larger than pocket book size..
"The basic writings of Existentialism, many never before translated. Selected and introduced by Walter Kaufmann.First printing was in 1956, this is a 1969 printing..
$5 plus you pay for shipping..pages a little yellow from age but for a soft cover book is in pretty good shape..
3. The Sacred Cord Meditations.."An evolutionary Spiritual Journey Using the Atlantean Rosary"..by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki...
This is another one that surprised me ..thought it would be about $5..but ebay has them for $20....
Printed in 1990...paper back..160 pages...This was goes for $10 you pay the shipping..
4.The Valley Of The Moon by Jack London..Hardback..printed 1914..has a frontpiece in colors by George Harper..Has a ring like someone set a bottle on it..on front cover..spine is in excellent condition..just mostly shelf wear or in this case..box wear..
$5 you pay the shipping..
5.Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul..parts I,II,and III. Number I is quality paper and the other two are hard back..these books are in excellent condition..Make a great gift for the right teenager...$15 and I will pay the shipping..
6.The Log of A Cowboy by Andy Adams..quality paper..cover has some creases..edges are trying to curl...but in pretty good shape...The text of the book is reproduced from the edition in 1903...this is the 19th printing. It's a narrative of the old trail days..if you like cowboy type shit..you will love this..I got it at library sale ...has a stamp on the first page that says it belonged to Harvey L. Kelly West, Texas..pretty cool...$8.00 I will pay the shipping..
Ok...that's enough...If there is some subject that you are interested in ..let me know..I have a book on damn near everything..I just sold to a guy not too long ago a book on bob wire..I swear to the Goddess, I had a book on bob wire..
ya'll come back and see me ...ya'hea...


Anonymous said...

Lord God Almighty it was hard reading the list never mind the books. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I love Asimov's Science books and at one time or another have had copies of all of them. I don't think I'm buying right now though. I am still reading Hominids and enjoying it but the new upgrade for World Of Warcraft came out and I have been spending a lot of time killing creatures and completing quests.
Gee, the Gump has less than 2 years before he gets evicted from the house he stole. Have to look for good wherever we can find it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where I'll put 'em but let me have "The Valley Of The Moon" by Jack London (loves me some Jack!) and I'll even spring for "The Log of A Cowboy" by Andy Adams. I don't have your new addy, so if ya send them to me and let me know what the bill is I'll shoot it right back to ya.

You know you can trust me, I've got an honest face, you know where I live and I'm too old and fat to run...........


nitwit:you and your games...I do good to play poppit and sweet tooth on pogo games..
oh man..2 more years...killmenow..
Junny: Jack's your's but ol lady already asked for the log of a cowboy..and a livestock health enclyclopedia i was telling her about..
i have your address i think and will send it to you and you can send it to me when you get it kind of like the idea of chasing your ass all over alabama to get my $5+ fof ole jack..ha

Anonymous said...

"The Log of a Cowboy"... you know...

Nah, this one's just too easy.