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Monday, July 02, 2007


So much news..so little time..First an update on the weather in West,Texas...As of last Wednesday we have received 35 inches of rain..It's rained almost every day since...In 1957 we got 58.31 inches of rain.in 1900 we got 60 inches.That's for an entire year..it's now just the first of July and we have 35 inches already..with more to come..Holy shit..I have mildew growing in places we don't want to discuss..

OK..on to the world news...This may be the dumbest thing I have heard that didn't come out of George W's mouth..

"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discrimination on the basis of race."..Chief Justice John Roberts,in announcing a 5-4 Supreme Court decision rejecting integration plans in the Louisville,Kentucky and Seattle school districts...
Judas fucking priest..

Austin,Texas..U.S.John Cornyn and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked federal officials Thursday to delay efforts to allow the Kickapoo
Traditional Tribe of Texas to expand casino gambling at its reservation near Eagle Pass.

This is no big deal, unless you're a Kickapoo Indian...I just like saying Kickapoo..

Paris..Anti-American sentiment is on the rise around the globe, driven by concerns that U.S.
leaders are prone to act unilaterally and have widened the gap between rich and poor nations, a new international survey found.The survey of 45,239 people in 47 countries by the Washington based Pew Research Center found "worldwide support" for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and substantial opposition to U.S. and NATO military operations in Afghanistan..

No shit?...big surprise there...Bush and his bidness buddies have made us hated world wide..I get pissed when they say.."We don't hate the American people..just it's government."...them asshole republicans are the ones that elected Bush..so they are the people..Think I will get a t-shirt that says"Don't hate me..I didn't vote for him."
To tie in with that article is an editorial that I read..This is by Leonard Pitts a columnist for the Miami Herald. paraphrasing here..

"We've been told by conservatives and by mainstream media for years that this is a conservative country, but if you actually look at the facts you find that this is a myth."
Media Matters and the Campaign for Americans
Future, a liberal activist group, have helpfully

assembled said facts in a report released earlier this month,"The Progressive Majority:Why
a Conservative America is a myth."

The report, at http://home.ourfuture.org/, analyzes years of public opinion surveys from suchrespected and nonpartisan organizations as Gallup and the Pew Research Center. On issues after issue, those surveys present a picture at odds with the conservative stereotype.

62% of us oppose overturning Roe v.Wade.
61% of us support using stem cells for research.
60% of us would like to see more government restrictions on guns.

So how the hell did liberal become such a bad word..I think the conservatives are better organized then the liberals..They are out there registering voters and the liberals are at the bar partying or at home in front of the TV..

Washington.Putting its recent ruling on student speech into practice, the Supreme Court on Friday rejected a school district's appeal of a ruling that it violated a student's rights by censoring his anti-Bush T-shirt.

A seventh grader from Vermont was suspended for

wearing a shirt that bore images of cocaine and a martini glass..but also had messages called President Bush a lying drunk driver who abused cocaine and marijuana,and the "Chicken-hawk-in-chief" who was engaged in a "world domination tour.

Williamstown Middle School principal Kathleen Morris-Kortz said the images violated the school dress code, which prohibits clothing that promotes the use of drugs or alcohol.
An appeals court said the school had no right to censor any part of the shirt.
On Monday, the court said schools could regulate student expressions if it advocated illegal drug use. Justice Samuel Alito cautioned that schools could not censor political speech.
I just want to know where I can get one of those t-shirts...


Nit Wit said...

Funny, there are still politicians trying to deny American Indians the right to take the suckers.
That seems to be the same thing that got that Abramoff fella in so much trouble.
The fierce Kickapoo warrior gave me an ace high straight.
Soon the anti American sentiment will spread to Americans being anti American.
The conservatives are a very vocal minority. That's a nice way of saying they are big mouth lying assholes.
I'm sure some enterprising guy will now be marketing that shirt world.

Allan said...

The world continues to fall apart. I wish the Martians would go ahead and invade.

Rainwolf said...


I think I'll order a couple.

Sue said...

I think people that say they hate America are being myopic. I dislike your government's policies, and I cannot fathom why they were voted in by some, but I do not hate the USA, and I know there are many very, very good people there. Like you! :)

Matthew Didier said...

What Sue said...

It's funny, actually... tomorrow at 6am EST, a LENGTHY post will magically appear on my blog (God Bless the Time Stamp) that was prompted by a few things... not the least of which was a comment from an American on my post from the "Blog My Blessings" which was on my home country, Canada...

I know you won't agree with everything in it, but I entreat you to read it... it may state things you already know... or answer some questions... or who knows...


I'm not an American and HELL YEAH, I am NOT a fan of the current administration... but I also recognise that they are not indicative of all of America... they represent a touch over half... maybe... when you take into account voters who didn't turn up.

...and even those who DID turn up and DID vote for something I may have issues with, I know that they are STILL (for the vast majorities part) decent and good people... they just differ in views from me and obviously you.

Sure, there's a VOCAL (and loud) minority who are "extreme" in their outlook, but honestly, most of 'em are great folks... and I know that... and I'm NOT an American.

jan said...

I really think you should write and design t-shirts. There is a real market for Yellowdog Granny t-shirts for free expression. I'd buy several.

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

"Don't hate me..I didn't vote for him."

Yellowdog, you need to start selling shirts and bumper stickers with all of your clever sayings!

yellowdog granny said...

nitwit:the tshirts are on sale for $10...I am going to get at least one...
allan:sometimes I think they already have and they are all in the white house..
rainwolf:thanks for the website..I am going to get one..
sue:thanks sweety..hell if i was from another country..I would hate us..or at least be pissed at our politics...
Michael: i will check it out..lucky for us schmucks that didnt vote for the current administration..we can claim 'it twernt us bud.. twernt us'
Jan and HHMH:hmmm. that's not a bad idea..what would the Goddess do?..or what would yellowdoggranny do?..hahaha

Cheesemeister said...

Now I know why I like you so much--you remind me of my late maternal grandmother! Her favorite saying was "well, Judas Priest!" and she believed that "we should kick all those damn fool men out of office and send in some women with brooms to clean things up!"
A wise lady was Granny. Unfortunately her addiction to the bottle got the better of her. At least you seem to have that beat.
The book will be on its way to you as of the 19th. I have them, but not the money for the postage at this time! I get paid again on the 19th.
I hate being broke! If I ever get rich I'm going to come visit everyone that's been cool to me and throw them a big party.