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Thursday, July 12, 2007

.......SHADY LANE.......

Things are a popping now..I got 3 emails from Shady Lane in Austin..her mom who is 82 fell and is going to be in rehab for her fall and her dad who is 87 is in the early stages of dementia..So I volunteered to drive down and help out..Lane and her husband have a boat shop business to run and her folks live in Kingsland which is a ways from Austin, and she can't leave him alone at her house or at Kingsland and can't leave the shop to do much more than what she is already doing for her Mom..So I will probably go down Sunday or Monday and meet with her..then drive her Dad to Kingsland and take care of them for 2 weeks or so while she tries to get him into a retirement center..either there by Kingsland or by Austin..then when her mom gets out she can join him....Lane is freaking out...but not to fear...Jackie's here..ha..so her friend is supposed to fix me up with a lap top so I won't lose touch with my blogger family..but in case you don't hear from me right away after the 16Th..don't panic..I will try and keep in touch..I have to get one of the granddaughters to come and stay at the apt and cat sit..they will be fine while they are in school during the day, but need to have some one here often enough to feed, water and clean the liter box.will leave them some money so they can buy food as I know they won't cook...I may get them to switch off as I know it will be easier for them..hope the cats don't get them too much of a problem..
I was supposed to go to the library and work for Henrietta when she goes on her vacation to Washington..I had just told her the day before that I would..but now I won't be able to..what a mess...gee ...for someone that doesn't have a life..now all of a sudden I have something to do..I hope this won't be my last post for awhile..I will try and post again before I leave..


apositivepessimist said...

What a fabulous opportunity you are having. To bring JackieSue joy into another persons life. And an elderly one’s at that.

the rube said...

you're an angle of mercy but who's gonna keep honest while your gone?

Allan said...

This is why you are on my list. Check my blog in a few hours...hope to see you return soon!

BBC said...

Geez, I wish I didn't have a life, I'm always so busy. I did not notice one single swear word here, are you slipping hon?

Be careful, it's a violent world out there. Hugs.

mckait said...


you are kindness incarnate

( except for the itten name thing)

but I will miss you, you madwoman..

Don't do too much, remember to take care of you, too

Heidi said...

That is so nice of you to volunteer to help.

I will miss you...I check your blog every day...sometimes even twice a day to see what's up in the life of my favorite Yellowdog Granny.

Hope they get that laptop up and running ASAP!

Mouthy Girl said...

You're damn greatness!

When you finish tending to Dementia Daddy consider packing up all of your worldly belongings and moving to Virginia. We have a room upstairs. You and Buddha can share the common doorway and a full bath. We'd even welcome the cats if you felt you had to bring some felines. *grin*

Buddha doesn't want to go back to day care. He's digging this "every day with someone who loves me" stuff. Don't let my kid down, Jac!

(I am such a shit!)


apos:heehee..hope I don't send him over the deep end with my jackiesueisms..
rube:supposedly I will have access to a laptop...so will give you up dates with me and the elderly polack..their last name is rychlicki...he's 85...this should be a hoot..
allan:that was just so sweet and nice of you...I really do appreciate it...check it out folks..it's pretty damn wonderful..
BBC:well fuckme I'll never dance again!...that better?
kath:I wouldn't be able to do this if not for the fact that Lane and Brewster are two of my oldest (32 years) and dearest friends..it was a no brainer...she needed someone..and I have no life..so..what's the big deal...I'd love to say she would do it for me..but I know she would laugh her ass off and hire someone..
HMHH:I will try and keep up with posting and commenting..do it early in am or late at night while he is in bed...have to be alert as he is a wanderer..
Buddha_girl:..yeah, you would have me for about 2 weeks and the first time Budda boy tells you 'I love you with all my heart and part of my liver..if I had you in my mouth I'd spit you in the river.'and then spits on the floor..you'd be rethinking my living there..plus Little Asshole would tear your house apart like he is mine..every book, nicknack, etc has been knocked to the floor..I had to shut the door to the bedroom last night as he knocked the alarm radio, a lamp,a stack of books, 2 wooden kittens and my glasses into the floor..I'm combat duty ready

Anonymous said...

You are such a good person. I'm sure the goddess will arrange for you to keep us in touch.

Nit Wit said...

Oh Yea? If you’re such an angel why are you putting your own Grandkids lives in danger by letting them try to cat sit Little Asshole?
I bet Henrietta is real happy with the change in plans.
I'm just being pissy.
I got back from Florida in one piece about 7:30 this morning and have to go back to work Sunday night.
I suppose this means I'll have to go without Jackie Jokes in my E-mail for a while. Sigh...
You better watch out for that old fella. Men seem to have a tendency to become sex crazed children as we get older.
You need to take before and after pictures of the Grandkids to see how they change while you’re gone.
It might help if there is any litigation because of Little Asshole. You better do the same with Annie to protect yourself from PETA.
What an angel you is. :)


Jan:I hope so...I can feel my blogger withdrawl starting all ready..
NItwit:they need a little excitement in their lives and little asshole is the one to give it to them...Henrietta didn't seem to care one way or another..she had her tickets bought and was going on her trip no matter what..
so how was florida?...that place is stranger then texas..
You know I had that thought..here I am some virtual stranger who is going to come to his house and live with him...I met him once about 25+years ago so he doesn't know me from adam...my luck...he'll be come enamoured of my chichi's...oh man!
Peta already has me on thir list...I don't like them cause they advocate killing pit bulls...