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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Oh....Lord....I wannnnna go home...
(what I am missing)

I am soo lonesome for my life..Jenny graduates from college the 16th of August..My nephew and his wife are supposed to come down for Westfest on Labor Day Weekend..I don't know how many trips the old truck has in her and if I go home Tuesday for 2 days..come back..and then have to drive back for Jenny's graduation and back..then go back again for Westfest and back...my truck is apt to curl up on I-35 and croak..
Plus..this (in George Bush whiny voice)..is hard...it's hard work..fuck..there goes Bolish..be back..
He was wandering around in the front yard..then the stupid yippy dog goes out with him and he doesn't want to come back so I have to chase his dumb ass all over the fucking neighborhood..and then Bolish takes off again..phew...it's hard...hard work..ha..
Last night he had an 'accident'..cleaning up human poop from 2 bathrooms, the carpet, sheets, bed pads,clothes etc. is not my idea of a way to spend an early Sunday morning...I know there is a Johnny Cash song in there someplace..
I know I had told Lane I would do this for 2 months..but this is more difficult then I thought it would be...It's not like you can really carry on a conversation with him, as he doesn't remember anything for more then 30 minutes..so there is a lot of repeating..lots of repeating...there will be the hours of no sound..then he will start talking...which is nothing more then words strung together..and if you don't make the right reply to his conversation..he gets really snippy..which is no big deal but after the 5-6Th time...it gets a little wearing..and if I'm not cleaning up after Bolish..I'm cleaning up after the yippy fucking dog...
Lane is supposed to be taking Blanche(the mother) to Marble Falls to a nursing home this Monday...she can probably get Bolish in too, but wanted to wait and see how she adapted and how he reacted to the thought of him going too..So maybe if I can get her to make some sort of arrangements where I can stay here till right before Jenny's graduation and then just go home..I just feel so guilty that I am not holding up to my end of the deal..fuck...What to do what to do...And I need to just get away by myself for a few hours or I'm going to be in the room next door to Blanche..sigh..*....So you guys tired of listening to me whine and feel sorry for myself yet?..I am getting tired of hearing it my ownself..
Gotta go..would stay longer but a couple of astronauts took a rocket out for a joy ride and are doing loops over head..I heard one exclaim as they drove out of sight:"To the moon Alice...to the moon."


Cheesemeister said...

I don't think Johnny Cash ever wrote about cleaning up poop, but if you do, I'll buy the album. Seeing as that's basically how I made my living for a cumulative of 7 years and is still something I have to do at times.

jan said...

You have every reason to complain and we are all here for you.

Have you considered hitchhiking? Isn't that a Texas means of transport?

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

Gee, sorry, to hear it's not going so well.

I'm sure they would understand if you went home earlier than expected. I mean, you have a life, too.

No one would think you weren't "holding up" your end of the deal if you went home early. You were trying to help, and had no idea what was in store for you.

Nit Wit said...

Just tell her if you miss the graduation you will be disowned.
You need to talk nice to the truck and if it acts up just kick the shit out of it, but put on steel toe boot first.
One good thing about what you’re doing, if you have to keep chasing them around your sure to drop a few pounds.
I can see it now, Jackiesue's Bolish and Stupid Yippy Dog Surefire Diet.
Write a book about it and you will solve the employee shortage in nursing homes across the nation. Might even win the Nobel Prize for improving the quality of life for everyone in the world.

kath said...

Listen jac,

you need to consider your own needs too... I am sure that they will understand if you tell them it is harder than you thought it would be..
they know how hard it is right?

You do not want to end up with your glucose all out of whack and needing to take 2 months just to get that back under control... you know stress can do that.. not to mention the hard work..

it is intention that counts... you know that right? but sometimes , things just do not work out the way we hope they will.

crossing fingers that bolish gets into a cozy alternate situation soon....

You are a good friend, and have done more than most...

angel said...

wait... you were chasing bolish all over the neighbourhood!!?!
heh heh... if you can't whine on your own blog then where can you do it!!?!?!??

the rube said...

piece of cake, your family comes first.

time to move on and have a little fun. get rested for the nfl.

yellowdog granny said...

cheesy:nope but he wrote a song about sunday morning coming down..and my sunday was coming down around my ears..ha..I know that others have done more and longer but it makes for a long week..
Nitwit:i checked the engine and the anti-freeze..think it needs a lube job or maybe power steering fluid..don't think it is anything serious...when i am going to go home i am tempted to just drive right on down to san antonio and see the cowboys in training camp..and go by and visit my daddy's grave..haven't been since the funeral...he's buried at ft. sam houston cemetary...like to go to the san antonio zoo too...then drive back to west..depends on if i have enough time...but lane seems to think i will be out of here before the 14th..she put blanche in northwoods today and taking bolish thursday to see how he reacts to the place and see if he qualifies to go in with her..he keeps asking 'what about you?'..meaning me..ahhh shit...that freaks me out..
hmm, your right ..i do see a good exercise program there and would make a great book....even without all the motherfuckers in it..
kath:yeah, my blood sugar has been high..from 140 to 199...only been below 120 once since i got here..and i have been really watching what i eat and drink...know it's stress..lane is being very great about it...just gratefull that i have been able to stay this long so she could get blanche in the nursing home..
angel:yup...and i can whine and get good advice at the same time..
rube:oh man..reading the dam news now is a pure joy...good cowboys news...new coach, new qb, lots of new coaches...life is good..plus i am close enough to san antonio that i can read their paper too..so get a double dose of cowboys news....sigh*