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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Those are Bolish's two favorite words....I'll ask him how things are going he'll say 'it's
copacetic'..and if I ask him if if he liked dinner or what ever I fixed him to eat, he'll say it was 'wicked'...He's an 87 year old New Jersey Pollock..who has been in Texas for the past 20 years or so and hasn't acclimated yet..But then Shady Lane still sounds like she just got off the bus from New York and she's been here for over 30 years.
Yesterday I took him for a ride..we went to Marble Falls which was under water a few weeks back from all the rain they had..it's a federal disaster area..But man..is it ever pretty..every thing is so green..there are lakes every where..and full to the brim...It's about 15 miles from here..and on the way back I noticed an old Chrysler that had been redone..so turned around and stopped..It was a restoration place..they had Corvette's, Mustangs, Chevy Impala's, Studebaker's,Model T's, Model A's,and they were beautiful..Bolish said they were wicked.He really enjoyed that.Today I took him to H.E.B. which is a Texas super market and let him drive the buggy..which meant I got to chase after him up and down the aisles..We were both laughing like crazy..Then I took him to Dairy Queen and he got one of those chocolate dipped round boat cones,filled with ice cream, strawberries and drenched with melted chocolate..Oh My Goddess..he was in hog heaven.
He had it smeared all over his hands, face and was making ummmmm ummmm noises..was terrific...He couldn't finish it all so we brought it home and he had it after dinner so he was really happy with that ..I made BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes,gravy, corn on the cob and biscuits..I had fucking salad...My blood sugar is higher then a kite..don't know why..but think maybe it's stress...can stress make your blood sugar go up?...Nitwit?..
Anyhow...tomorrow we are going to go get haircuts..We are both a little shaggy..Saturday we are going to the $ store to get a new flag as his American flag is starting to look pretty ratty..does anyone know how to properly dispose of a flag?
Lane's mom is going into a rest home end of next week...I am going to take Bolish to Austin to Lane for a few days, then go to West and get Annie and Little Asshole..I miss them..plus this looks like it is going to be more than a 2 week job..I told Lane I will stay 2 months...by then I am afraid he will probably have to go into a Alzheimer's place because every day he gets a little bit worse.It is so sad..he will wake up 4-5 times a night and just roams the house..Searching and digging through drawers, closets etc..This morning he said.."I don't know if I'm coming or going"....The evenings are worse ...they call it sun downing ...but I call it the fuzzies..Lane is starting to show some wear and tear from this..I can't imagine how hard this must be for her..so it makes me feel good to know that I can help...and hell, it's not like I have a job or things that have to be done..other then the pussies and the library...what's to do...? The granddaughters have their own life with school and their jobs and their friends .. It's not like I get to see them every week or so..

Hope the library doesn't close while I'm gone.
So I will go home pack up the cats..pay off my bills and then head on back to Austin, pick up Bolish and then settle in for 2 months..Least I have the laptop...There is no way I could do this without you guys...but with the computer and my blogger family..everything is copacetic.


Nit Wit said...

Sounds like you have your hands full.
I know stress screws up all your systems so it might have something to do with your sugar levels. You might try to change when you take your pills, but I'd be careful. You don't want to go through having your sugar level get too low when you are taking care of Bolish.
Contact the local VFW about the flag. They do a flag retirement ceremony from time to time and will take flags to insure that they are treated with respect.
I don't know how it's going to work with the Little Asshole in a new place with new people. I'm glad you got the laptop working. Their pretty handy.
Guess I'll go down to the pond and feed the Alligator.

Allan said...

You really are a good friend. That's a lot on everyone's plate there...good thing you're helping out- may Goddess smile on you.
(Is she not answering questions at the moment?)

kath said...

You are a good person jac... that is a lot to take on, and you are doing it so willingly and with good humor.. which proves how sweet you are you old fraud.

so... you miss your kitties? I would too.. I am glad that you are taking them with you ...

I too, am glad that you have the laptop...I know that I would miss you.. me and about 100 others....
take care

buddha_girl said...

Nitwit has all the answers down pat on your sugar and the flag. Wowie!

I'm so glad you can be there for Shady during this time. I'll offer to ship Buddha down to keep Bollish fresh for as long as possible. Kids his age don't notice when older folks are on the edge of Alzhiemer's. I know too many people who've had to deal with that horror disease with their grandparents and parents. Send my love to Shady.

You're a wonder, Jac. *hard hugs*

the rube said...

2 months, holy crap.

the cowboys and giants will have already bashed each others brains in by the time your mission of mercy concludes. i hope the little asshole doesn't distract you during the game.

yellowdog granny said...

nitwit;it's a little stressful as he likes to wander off and I have theis fear of losing him...er..hi lane...I lost your daddy..ha..we are getting the flag tomorrow and then we will stop by the american legion and see if they know anything..if not will call the vfw..don't know where it is..watch out with those alligators..they might fuck..now my blood sugar is back to normal..I am beginning to think it was the blood sticks as as soon as i bought the new ones...it registered 98...and all the others were 160,200,190,etc...even after 12 hour fasting it was 165..then with the new one..bam 98..so think it was the sticks..i dont think i like the true test type...
allan:thanks to you the goddess decided to answer some questions...ahhh,being a good friend is soomething i am very good at..too bad im not as good a parent as i am a friend..
kath:well, i am doing it cause lane and brewster have done so many good things for me when I had no income and was really really broke..and since i can't do anything money wise..i can give of myself and help square the deal..
who wouldathought i would miss the cats as much as i do...? skippy is ok for a dog..but he's not my dog and only looks to me for food..so i want my babys...and damn i love this lap top....i have to have me one of these..
buddha_girl:nitwit is my go to guy when i need answers to anything..
you should have seen us getting our hair cuts today...went to a smart cuts shop...and the guy who cut our hair was an american indian..and been cutting hair for 29 years...when he started on bolish I thought judas priest..he's going to scalp him...but he did such a great job..he asked bolish if he wanted to get his eye brows trimmed..they are really long..and bolish said..hell no..I aint no woman..he cut mine really short..but that's what i wanted..look like a little short fat dyke...sigh*..
rube:yah...2 months..what the fuck was I thinking?..bolish starts to wander during a football game and i may have to tie him to his chair.
Annie's been through one football season..so she knows what to expect..but little asshole is in for a noisy rude awaking..so is bolish for that matter..