I'm a pagan...I'm a liberal..I live in West, Texas..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

.......ANSWERS HERE!.......

As the Yellow Dog would say...what a bunch of fucking lightweights..is that the best you can do?...Where are the tough questions? Doesn't anyone want to know the meaning of life, if there is life on other planets,if there is a life after death?....jeeze..you guys suck! If you can't come up with anything better then this..I am going to limit my visits to nothing but asskickings..

Cyberoutlaw: Your prize for being first? You get to sit right next to Odin at the beer table in Valhalla...which is not necessary a good thing..he likes to talk about all the women he's fucked and gets pretty boring really fast.If you would move from New York where should you go?..That's an easy one..Yellow dog and I both think there is no place better then West,Texas..Your centrally located..120 miles to Austin and less then 90 miles from Dallas..Plus, it's still 1957 in West, so they have that going for them too.
Nitwit:I think you have no chance of every being a tanned hard body like the people that live in Florida..but then why any one would like to look like a piece of tanned leather..is beyond me..
Yellow dog:You have a seat between Nitwit and Leo in Valhalla..already reserved for the 3 of you..Sooner and Babs are right across from us..
BBC:yeah, yeah...but what's the question?
Kath:never and nope.
Tex:That's my fault..about the early tomatoes..I forgot to factor in all the rain...The Yellow
Dogs were small but juicy...
OK humans..until you can come up with some better questions..I'm off to Iraq..Thanks to Bush there are an ever ending supply of young warriors to take to Valhalla..Pray for peace...Jesus, Buddha, Allah and I are listening.


BBC said...

BBC:yeah, yeah...but what's the question?

Hon, I don't have questions. I have answers. So what do you want to know?

Nit Wit said...

I don't want a hard body. I like soft bodies. I would just like to go in the sun without getting sick.