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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Wow!..How cool is this? I got nominated for Best Blog Award from Buzzard Billy and then again by Yooper In Crakerland. This is just the best. I'm not sure that I deserve it but I'm not going to quibble and will take it and say 'thanks'...really...thanks a lot..This is so sweet and makes my heart full. Buzzard Billy has one of the best blogs and cracks me up all the time. She wants to be like me when she grows up...I think she already is and is better at it. Yooper is a great blog..makes you think, makes you laugh and is just a very enjoyable place to hang out. So thank both of you very much. Now for the ones I think are the Best Blogs. This is always so hard for me as I think all of the blogs I visit are the best, and you are. So I will limit it to 5 I haven't mentioned before and 5 that I have.
http://casadr.wordpress.com/ Yes, my old buddy Kevin. Who is smart, funny, outrageous and deserves a much larger readership than he has. He can bitch about stuff better than anyone I know. He can make his 'so called' dull day seem like an adventure. He has his own wonderful take on his life, our life and lives in general. So go check him out..Tell him Jackie sent you.
http://heartinhand.wordpress.com/ my Canaderian friend up North..She is one of the funniest people on the planet. What can I say. I love her. I'd adopt her and her Canaderian kinfolk(well, some of them) in a NY city second. She's a keeper, and you must go check her out. Be careful about eating while reading her stuff though..
http://willyorwonthe.blogspot.com/ He's my buddy in Italy, who has more knowledge on operas, classical music than anyone I know. Yeah, I know you're wondering what the hell I'm doing reading him, being redneck and all. But he also talks about the places he visits, his cute and adorable puppies, and posts some incredible photos of where he visits..Plus? He's just the sweetest guy I know.
http://ghostofruby.blogspot.com/ Another Canaderian friend. Ole Leo, or Billy or what ever name he picks.. I love his dog Ruby more than I love him, but I really love him too. I like the books he reads, the music he listens to and his Canderian views on us 'Mericans. Plus every time you go to visit him you get to feed the turtles.
and last but NOT LEAST.http://nitwitsnetwit.blogspot.com/:Yup...my favorite person in the entire Internet world. I not only adore him, but I'm crazy about his wife, grand kids, kids and the Dr's. and Nurses that healed him when he was at deaths door. He's still not 100% but he is blogging a little more, so go check him out. Maybe it will encourage him to do it more often.
now 5 that I've never mentioned before are:
http://txoasis.blogspot.com/ Blueberry...another Texan..who lives in Austin and writes about the city that is hell bent on 'keeping it weird'....I've become very fond of Blueberry..I'm sure you will too.
http://misshealthypants.blogspot.com/ is not only a great place to go visit, she and I badger each other on Facebook too. It's fun here.
http://keepsgettingbitter.blogspot.com/ I'm new to pj's...but every time I go I like it better and better..
http://ladygracedreamweaver.blogspot.com/ I really like her..She's a witch and a lesbian..what's not to like. She's very involved with the world around her and I like that in a person.
http://adventuresofayankeegirl.blogspot.com/.... yes, I'm sure your thinking, what? Yankee?..
But she's a fun girl..and writes about her sex life with reckless abandon...she's smart and funny. check her out.
Ok....again..thanks to Buzzard Billy and Yooper in Crackerland for giving me this award...I'll try to live up to it..Goddess bless you all. If you weren't on this list, you should be.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Of course you deserve it, YDG! And I'm going to check out the blogs you nominated -- a couple I already know, but the rest are new to me!

Jan said...

Congratulations for a well deserved award. And thanks for the links to check out.

Yankee Girl said...

You totally deserve the award...twice! You are awesome.

Thanks for passing it along to me! I knew talking about my sex life would pay off!

Miss Healthypants said...

Aww, thanks YDG! :) I really enjoy your blog, too! :)

billy pilgrim said...

thanks for the swell award.

but i'm still bitter over obama getting my peace prize award.

Nit Wit said...

Now you made me blush.
I'm suprised you only got two nominations. Now I have more blogs to check out that will cut into my posting time.

Nit Wit said...

Well, I went out and checked out the blogs you listed. They are all interesting except that Nitwit fella who seems kinda lame.

Rox said...

Oh Jackie! I laughed right out loud about the warning about eating while reading my blog! SO TRUE! I should totally put a disclaimer on it! Thanks for the Award Darlin' although, I'm not very deserving lately. I'll try harder! Thanks for the love!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your nomination!

sageweb said...

You deserve the award and so do all the ones that you nominated that i read..I think you have turned me on to most of the bloggers I read..so not only do you have the best blog you turn me on...hehehe....to great blogs!

So Not Wishy Washy said...

My kid would be so proud of his Aunt Grandma Jackie if I let him read this post. Sadly, he'll have to take my word for it because I wouldn't want you to have to wear a scarlet F like me due to my infernal yet gorgeous profanity.

Rock on, woman!

Sling said...

My friend Yellerdawg more than deserves a mantle full of those Best Blog thingys!
Ditto for the kids you passed it along to.

Blueberry said...

Thank you for the prize, and I would like to award it back (so you'll have 3).

Elizabeth said...

Yay for you!

texlahoma said...

I already knew your blog was a winner, now more people will too.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...


Droba: Story of a Woman said...

Bless you my child. The lord has seen to it that you are given good thngs.
Yours in the Christ

The Sports Lounge Team said...

I think Boh might've mentioned Zanyetta this week but cant remember...so many weird horse names ;-s.....Not sure how many millions the Melb cup winner gets but 5 mill would be alright with me :-P...Not much coverage of Int. races here.

Intense Guy said...

Of course you deserve it, YDG!

..and Yankee Girl does too - I just hope getting this award doesn't go to her vagin... err.. head.