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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Latest batch of pictures and a batch of cupcakes too. Each cupcake has a candy body part and a plastic toy, like spider rings, scorpions and centipedes. Plus sketetons poping out of the cupcake.

My punkin.

Dexter in the tree...This will be like 'where's waldo'..except for you have to find Dexter.

Dexter taking a nippy nap on my unmade bed.

He likes to drink out of the faucet. Especially after a long day of knocking over the jewelry tree, and diabetes supplies.

I hope you woke me up to feed me.

I can ignore you as long as needed.


Checking out my pumpkin and seeing if there is anything to eat.

He wasn't the least bit impressed with the pumpkin.

he likes to drink out of this sink too.


Nit Wit said...

Hmmm, cupcakes!
Around here if you gave a trick or treater a home baked treat they would accuse you of trying to poison the kid.
Dexter just wants fresh water like you get.

rainywalker said...

Right on time as I post a comment for you on my blog? I should have waited another 58 minutes. Looks quite beautiful and fattening to me. Yum!!!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

When I saw the words "cupcakes" and "Dexter" in the same title, I just naturally jumped to the very worst of conclusions! Glad he didn't create mayhem with your lovely cupcakes! Mmmm, candy body parts!

Kulkuri said...

Did you name the cat after the TV show?? The cupcakes look good but a lot of work.

Buzzardbilly said...

Cupcakes and Dexter the a-Dorable! You have an award at my place today on account of you rocking and shit.

sageweb said...

LOve the Dexter shots...he sure does look like he is the king of the house!...

billy pilgrim said...

those cupcakes are beauties.

i'd eat mine, change costumes and come back for another.


nitwit:I used to give out cupcakes, brownies, s'mores, all sorts of baked goods...in west they know it came from aunt grandma jackie's so it was safe.
he has fresh water in his bowl, he just likes drinking it out of the sink.
rainy:can't wait for your visit.
debra:i was afraid he'd try to destroy them, but he wasn't too interested..they don't make noises.
kulkuri:yup..he's named after Dexter the serial killer..
well, the cupcakes were a mix, but i made home made icing, it's really pretty easy..
buzzard:oh cool..I love awards..and rocking and shit is right up my alley.
sage:he had zero minutes of adjusting to the new digs..was like he'd always lived here..
billy:wish you had been here for them..they were really good..biting into the gooey icing with a gummy brain was pretty good.

Blueberry said...

Those cupcakes look finger-lickin' good! Literally!

My Henry (cat) has gotten to where he wants to get in the shower while the water's running. what a silly cat.

Jan said...

Totally impressed with your baking and housekeeping prowess. Dexter is so cute, what a great companion he will be. Glad he wasn't named Buttroy.

Sling said...

Hey!..I found Dexter!..wait,..nevermind.
Those cupcakes are lookin' mighty fine!

Rox said...

That's the great thing about cats, they don't take long to take over the place! Nice punkin!

Linda said...

I like the idea of the microwave over the sink. I wish my windowsill was deep enough.

Intense Guy said...


I'm glad you got another cat. Looks like Dex is gonna keep you on your toes.

And you might even want to submit some pics for stumbles captioning...

Josh said...

You had some lucky trick-or-treaters. :)

Dexter is quite a handsome kitty!