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Saturday, November 28, 2009


We actually played like the big boys..good game. I'm still recovering from the day ..besides all the pie baking 3 pecan, 1 chocolate cream and 2 pumpkin cheesecakes, I got up Thanksgiving morning at 6am to be at Dollar General for their big ass one day sale. They were supposed to open at 7am and poor Stephenie had to close and then go home and do all her baking and then open up ..She forgot to set the alarm and didn't get there till 7:30...some of the people were pissed but I figured what the hell, no big deal. So I got 2 video cameras, a digital camera, a mp3 player, a hair dryer($5) and a mixer on a stand for $115.83...pretty fecking good. Then at 9am I went to Senior Center and helped hand out food, make up to go dinners for 2 days worth of meals till 12:30..We fed over 300 people..We were out of every thing but yams and green beans by noon...It was terrific. I told the ladies that on days like that it made me feel sorry for anyone that didn't live in West. They agreed. I also made 2 trips to the apts to deliver dinners so they would have a Thanksgiving. I don't think enough people knew about it. Next year I'm going to make up flyer's and go around and hang them on all the apts plus put up some flyer's in town. There was a pair of brothers that were very very old and one was crippled and I helped get their food and bundled up 4 containers of deserts and leftovers for them. They blew me kisses and made me misty eyed. I love my town. By the time I got home I was done in ..standing to make the pies and then all the standing at the Center just busted my ass. I hauled out the heating pad and took some Aleve and did nothing but lay in my recliner...Walked like an old lady..hell I am an old lady. Wasn't going to do anything yesterday but forgot I had told Babs I'd bake her turkey for her so i did that and gave her all the meat except some for me to make turkey soup and a few sandwiches. Between the 2 of us we have 8 turkeys..ha..40 cents a pound, couldn't resist.
Tonight while walking a load of laundry over to the office Dexter got out and I said fuck it..It was dark and no one was about so I let him play outside. He came dragging his ass back about an hour later. May let him out at night when no ones about so he can get rid of some of that energy. I'm tired of him waking me up ripping up shit. He has figured out how to open the door in the bathroom cubbard and rips up rolls of toilet paper. Ripped my shower liner up...bastid.
Ok..that's it..Im pooped..hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Where did you find turkey for 40c/#!? I live in the big shitty & the cheapest I saw was 89c if you bought half the freaking store along with, so I told them all to shove it & bought Angus beef roast...It was cheaper!
Great about the Cowboys though.

Rainwolf said...

sounds like a great day. I was busy being useless.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, what a busy Thanksgiving you had! But I'm sure your efforts made many people's day! And that Dexter sounds like a holy terror -- gotta love him!

Nit Wit said...

The Cowboys Coach must have told the team that if they didn't win they got no turkey.
Sounds like you had a real busy Thanksgiving. I for the first time in years didn't cook anything and only gave a little advice to the boys when they cooked the bird. It still came out good. I just don't feel up to to much lately. Infections and bad sleep due to the itching and rashes. I tripped on a cord and fell the other day. I didn't get hurt but I needed help to get back on my foots. Depressing how long the healing is taking. My doctor did give me a letter that says in his opinion I am permanently disabled. Now if Social Security would get off their asses.
Dexter is going to terrorize the whole complex.

texlahoma said...

I think it's cool that you help people like that. I'm a little lacking in that department.

I use to have a dog that loved to get a roll of toilet paper, take it to the top of the stairs and let it go, over and over. TP would be all over the stairs, crazy mutt.

billy pilgrim said...

i never tire of seeing al davis getting his ass kicked.

i hope he invested heavily in dubai.


walmart had turkey on sale for 40cents a pound.
it's sunday and im still recovering from all the action. im too old for this shit.
nitty, you have to be careful..and the only way you'll get ss to come thru is to get a lawyer..they will decline you out of hand the first time and the second time..but if you have a lawyer they will come thru..bastids..
tex:i have a entire roll of tp in the bathtub..he likes to kill it and then bury it in the tub.
you and me both billy..

Anonymous said...

When you said the old guys made you misty, I got misty. You are the best Jackie! Happy Late Thanksgiving.

Intense Guy said...

I'm voting Dex for Cowboy Quarterback...


heartinhand: it was just so spontanious and sweet..they both looked up at me coming with the bag of extra's and they both at the same time blew me a kiss..well, i was done for the day..
intense:..he is such a putz