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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


ahh, I love my DAM News...and here are a few reasons why...
"He could have said a thesaurus was a big scaly creature that roamed the planet millions of years ago, and they would have applauded." Mary Jordan, Washington Post correspondent, on audience enthusiasm for former President George W. Bush's motivational speech in Fort Worth. (The Washington Post.)
Yeah, say what you want to about Texans...we just love being the stupidest people on the planet.
And no matter what happens, it never changes. sigh*

"Just in case." Roland Corning, assistant South Carolina attorney general, explaining why he carried Viagra and sex toys in his car, according to the police officer who stopped him after spying the official behaving strangely in a cemetery with a stripper.(The Associated Press)...Gee, for once I don't have anything to say that would make this funnier. It stands alone.

"If I picked her, my concern is that there would be more than two of us in the relationship." Barack Obama, on why he passed over Hilary Clinton for his vice presidential nominee, according to campaign manager David Plouffe.(Time Magazine.)
I understand this..It would be him as the President and the Clinton's as the Veep...He'd be out numbered and united ..the Clinton's are a hell of a force.

"Al-Qaeda has had safe haven in Pakistan since 2002. I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn't get them if they really wanted to." Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking to Pakistani journalists in Lahore. (Bloomberg) No shit Sherlock!...They not only know where he is..they help him hide when someone is getting close...fuck all of them.

"In order to get the pictures out for the holidays." Anonymous rep for "Playgirl," on why the soft-core porn mag is conducting a nude photo shoot in mid-November with Levi Johnson, the father of Sarah Palin's grandson.(New York Post.)...Please folks..just in case you decided to send me something for Christmas? Make it Tabu Perfume and not his nekkid ass.

I will continue my DAM News subscription on the 12th, my 66th birthday..a present to me. Thought it was going to be a new battery, but I figured out that I had been leaving the dome and over the window lights on by accident and it was running the battery down...stupid stupid me.But at least I figured it out before I bought a new battery. Did anyone watch V last night? It was ok..and I would probably continue to watch it next week, except it comes on same time Mark Harmon is on...and I am a Mark Harmon on Tuesday night at 7 P.M. Central time kinda old broad..There isn't anyone on V that is as good looking as Harmon..so will not switch over. Tv is pretty much the shits on NBC as they took off all the great 9 P.M. shows and put Gigantic Jaw Leno on instead..Boy did they fuck up..

My granddaughter Jamie is back from Virginia..think there might be trouble in Paradise...Haven't seen her yet, but will call and have her over for dinner. Make her home made pizza. That will get her over.

Well, it's Wednesday and the West Paper will be out, so will go pick 2 of them up for me and ole Babs. She's got allergy blues so is staying in today. If there is anything good in the paper, will do a West post..Have to go any how..Dexter has attacked every garbage basket in the house and there is newspapers, Kleenex and water bottles scattered from one in of the joint to the other. All kitteh's up to the age of 2 years old should just be named ASSHOLE...he's so insane. I love him, but sleep is an unattainable thing any more..between the foot attacks the playing with toys all night long or just general body attacks on me, it's hard to get sleep. He's sitting on the floor right behind me and can feel his little beedy eyes staring at the back of my head...Just thinking of shit to get into. Dexter ....hmmm, should have named him Dude.


Peggy said...

I knew we had a lot in common! I'm a "Mark Harmon on at 7pm" kind of gal too! He is so damn cute!

Jan said...

Oh, yeah, Mark Harmon gives me wet dreams. Fortunately CBS starts their prime time here at 7 and V comes on at 8. So I can watch both. Loved V even more than the first one except for all the commercials.

I kept yelling "It's a cookbook" until everyone told me to shut up.

Anonymous said...

LOVE how operation LENO is backfiring for NBC. They had this coming.

And that totally sounds like something GW would say. And believe. And be applauded for.


Peg:yup..he's a hottie alright..
jan:dont' you hate it when your kids see no humor in us at all.? I'd yell at the tv set and they would just all get up and leave the room..ha
I wish they were on at different times but even if they followed i'd miss it because of the new ncsi or ncis what ever it is..las angeles..ll cool j has a nice body..

jp:yes, every night at 9pm I switch the channel to anything but nbc..I miss ER and Life..I gave them up ? for leno..I don't think so.the people in texas still thinks he's just a good ole boy..jeez..

Buzzardbilly said...

LMAO at the news quotes!

I always hated Leno because he goes for placist humor more often than not. Relying on old stereotypes about different states and cities for punchlines does not a great comedian or host make. Besides, NBC cancelled "Life" which we had been loving for two years to have Leno in the prime time. Wasn't Letterman already outscoring him in the late night?

All kittens are on drugs. I love cats, but kittens are wild. They'll climb your leg like it's a tree. I like a good nap cat--one that naps with me and purrs me to sleep.

Nit Wit said...

Old George can't stand not being the center of attention. He still has to have hand picked crowds though. Why anyone would pay good money for a crappy chicken dinner and then have to fight to keep it down while he talked. He would sure motivate me though,to never vote for a Republican.
I think Levi is trying to get fair compensation for spending so much of his prime around that family.
I always just lock the pets out of the bedroom until they learn better manners.
When I was married the first time the kitten my wife had would sit on the pillow and root us on. A cat jumping on your back at the wrong time can ruin your timing.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Ya think the Pakistanis'll catch on to how stupid they are to "kindle a fire on their own back porch" when Al Qaeda starts blowing shit up & killing their politicians? Wahhabis don't discriminate: If you ain't one of them, you're a freaking "infidel" and subject to execution whenever the fancy strikes. The disease is called Fundamentalism.
Gr8 picture of Dubya BTW: Sonofabitch looks like he's about to suck some more Saudi cock.

Nit Wit said...

I saw about 15 minutes of Leno's first 10;00 show and haven't looked at it again.

Sling said...

Letterman kicked his ass all the way back to ten o'clock.


BB:i just have never thought he was funny and he makes fun of people in a mean way..letterman doesn't do mean..he does smart ass, but not mean.
Oh man..I miss Life..now there is someone that's hot.Damian Lewis..holy shit..and such a great actor..he was wonerful on band of brothers.dexter got out today and was gone for 30+ minutes when i finally caught him and brought him in, he was so pissed...is still tearing up the house.
nitty:yup....he jumps on my shoulder and jars me out of a sound sleep..scares the fuck out of me.
ted:what can i say, he's a douche bag and the die hard republicans will love him no matter what he says or does.
nitty and sling:exactly...letterman is the king...

texlahoma said...

I watched V, pretty good. V is like the globalist, the rich elite that really run the world. The media is like the sellout reporter. We are the people on Earth, trying to figure out what is real and who to trust. (Hint - Don't trust the Globalist.)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear you found out what was running your battery down so now you don't need to buy a new one. I would have put money on Dexter siphoning off the battery juice to keep his insane energy levels up, but guess I was wrong.

rainywalker said...

Sure you still have something to say. This guy in the cemetery was like Jinny Swaggart who didn't know how to change a tire. Here it is; war=money, no war=no money and the old guys pulling the strings loose. Simple YD, its all coming apart. But while it does our young soldiers are dying or going crazy!

Buzzardbilly said...

Jackie Sue,

I think you missed that you got an award at my blog the other day. Three blogs back.

Blueberry said...

Levi J - no interest in seeing the rest of him here either.

The jury is still out on "V" with me me too. will give it a chance but not bowled over yet.

Rox said...

I'm not interested in Levi's Johnson either.

I just watched a few minutes of Leno and had to shut it off. Fuck, that guy is annoying. There's diddly squat on tonight. Remember when Thursday used to be Must See TV? Pffffft!

The Sports Lounge Team said...

I havn't heard of that race. We have the Spring Carnaval in Aus with a few big races. But the Melbourne cup has the best horses and the biggest cash prize...It's so big we all get the day off work for it! :-)

Josh said...

I'm actually looking forward to the photo shoot, as sad as that may seem. Not only for prurient reasons, either. The more well-known (and obnoxious) Levi Johnston becomes, the more it'll tarnish Palin, because she cannot resist sniping back at everything he says about her, whether or not it's actually true. It's trailer-park drama on a national scale!

Anonymous said...

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