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Sunday, November 08, 2009


If you didn't see the Breeders Cup race Saturday, you missed the best horse race ever. Zenyatta was 13-0 when she came into the race. Was the only filly in the race..and she's no dainty little flower either, she's a big ole gal. But she prances and dances before and after the race..during the race? She just kicks male horse ass. She came out of the gate on the wrong foot, was dead last for almost half of the race..and then she heard the crowd, and after a quick look for just that perfect head shot for the cameras, she took off and passed everyone of them ole boys.. She prances and tossed her head and posed for all the photographers..It was a race and a half..with out a doubt the best horse race ever. She better be horse of the year and also Athletic of the Year on Sports Illustrated.. If you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about..google her and watch the race..
For Nitty

For Vickie.

For PJ

For Rox

For Homer.

For Ted.

For Buzzard Billy, because I know it'll piss her off..hahah.

Holy Shit!...really.

For Me..

For Babs

For Tina

For Tex

will mention no names..but you know who you are.

For Anne.

An oldie but a goodie.Worht reprinting.

I'm glad he told us other wise I wouldn't have known.

For Rosemary.

For Elizabeth.

For Jan.


Nit Wit said...

I thought someone had broken into my house and taken a picture of me in my I ain't dead yet shirt.
Could be a new picture for my profile.

Rox said...

Love the Canerdian Moose Kitteh!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Pope Borat is just TOO MUCH!!! Love it. Must steal for my blog.

Kulkuri said...

Love the one about the Pope's magicial underwear!!

Buzzardbilly said...

Oh, those are hilarious! I like the Deliverance one. I like the t-shirts that say "I hear banjos, paddle faster" too.

You see, Deliverance doesn't have a thing to do with West Virginia. Set in Georgia, and I love every chance I get to tell people about that. :)

sageweb said...

HAHAHA those are all so good ..yay for you on MOndays!

Blueberry said...

Another stinking Monday. At least House is on tonight.

texlahoma said...

Ok, the shoe fits, I'll wear it. I also like the "You know they'll find you eventually" one.

Intense Guy said...

I'm still coughing from when I nearly choked on my coffee reading the "Do I get a discount?" one...


Ahhh.. these are just as good on tuesdays you know?