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Sunday, November 08, 2009


We fucking won....it was touch and go and my heart was doing pitty pats all over the place..but we fucking won.
I, as you all know, hate the fucking Eagles..I never use the word hate...I always say 'dislike intensely'....but nope..I hate them fuckers..and their fans...Except for Anne...I could never hate her or even dislike her. But since they took Vic she has shed her Eagle feathers and roots for them no more...sigh*....life is fucking good. To top it off..my Granddaughter Jamie is visiting me for a few days and has her dog Chewy with her. I think she thought Chewy might hurt Dexter...Nope...Dexter has been all over his ass like a trained assassin. He jumps out at him slapping his head with his paws. Attacks his tail...chases him all over the apartment. Has no fear...he was all skitty at first but then he took a few test runs at him and realized, he has the dog buffaloed...So we've spent the entire evening telling Dexter to leave Chewy alone. Yeah, like that will work. I had to lock him out of the bedroom last night so I could get some sleep...Maniac.
I squirt him with the water bottle, but now if I pick it up he runs. He knows what will happen and bam, he's gone.. Jamie is having a rough time of it so I went to the store and bought double stuffed oreos and a jug of milk...Grandma knows what she needs.. Oops..gotta run, Dexter has Chewy treed on the couch.


Nit Wit said...

I was worried that your cable would go out and I would see you on the news after ripping the Cable guys head off.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Poor Chewy! You tell that meanie Dexter to leave him alone, LOL!

billy pilgrim said...

how long has it been since andy reid last saw his toes?

wade philips is also getting close to losing sight of his toes.

Intense Guy said...

Never thought I'd see the day when I thought to myself, "Well, its nice that the Birds lost to Dallas." The media here is STILL harping on what they think was a blown call on McNabb's QB sneak on 4th down.

I don't watch replays either since I'm boycotting 'em.

Anne Johnson said...

Andy Reid saw his toes a few years ago when he went to LA Weight Loss. He dropped 200 pounds and put back on 300. LA Weight Loss will do that to ya, that's why it went bankrupt.

Phooey on the dog-killing Iggles!