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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is Robert(Buddha_Girl's lovely son). He is probably as close to a grandson that I will ever get ..and I adore him. Considering that I've only talked to him on the phone and seen him in pictures, it's strange how much this child means to me. This is him with his MP3 player that I got him for Christmas and before he got his new haircut.

I think he likes it.
This is the baby boy with his new 'punk' haircut. I adore this and think he looks just super.

He's showing off his new haircut and his new hoodie and the new Christmas shirt I got him for Christmas. I got him the shirt, not the hoodie.
Rock on Robert..rock on.

He's also the cutie pie that is on my Dallas Cowboys win or loss games....He is 4 years old and he is a little thief...because he has stolen my heart..


Jan said...

What a cutie. I love the range of expression. He should have a career in show business.

Big Pissy said...

He really is a cutie!

LOVE his new haircut!!! :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, his new 'do definitely gives him a tougher edge! Rock on, little guy, rock on!

yellowdoggranny said...

He is so expressive..besides being the cutest little guy around..ha

CorvusCorax12 said...

He is very handsome and what looks like a fun loving little guy :)
Boys rock!!!
I hope you have a good slide into the New Year ?

Intense Guy said...

Aunt Grandma huh? :)

I can picture him in the lineup with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders at this years Superbowl with Aunt Grandma sitting on 50 yard line going bananas meeting him for the first time. Gosh - wouldn't that be cool!?

He has a infectious grin!

Happy New Year's Eve YDG!! Hope 2010 is a good one!

sageweb said...

How adorable! He and I have the same haircut...hehehe

Allan said...

"Considering that I've only talked to him on the phone and seen him in pictures, it's strange how much this child means to me."

That doesn't sound strange, just wonderful! Happy New Year JS!

Nit Wit said...

I think of things like this whenever I hear or read someones putting down of the internet as a big waste of time full of perverts and porn with nothing to contribute to the quality of life of people. They are mostly the people who can't figure out how to use a computer.
I think about showing up in West from time to time, but I seem to gain weight just from daydreaming.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Kids'll do that...every time.

texlahoma said...

Maybe he'll be a model or actor some day, the second pic with the new hair style looks like they said "Act like you just heard something you can't believe."

Rainwolf said...

What a cutie!

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Hey YDG:

Just wanted to stop in and say happy new year!

Sling said...

Happy New Year Darlin'!
I'm with NitWit on the internet thing.
sometimes,the people I know in real life just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I love how you just adopt everyone! You have such a gigantic heart!

That little guy is so cute!