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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I'm supposed to link this to the person that tagged me, but I can't get anything to work on blogger today so fuckit...and I'm not tagging anyone..anyone want to do it? be my guest.
1. Copy and paste the questions into your blog.
3. Answer the questions.

Okay, here we go . . . .
The Christmas Survey
1. Have you started your Christmas shopping?
fork me I'm done
2. Tell me about one of your special traditions.

I don't kill people that say happy holidays.
3. When do you put up your tree?
this year I put it up early so I could see if Dexter was going to kill it.
4. Are you a Black Friday shopper?

This is the first Black Friday I didn't go in about 3 years..said fuckit
5. Do you travel at Christmas or stay home?

get on I-35? travel? your shitting me right?
6. What is your funniest Christmas memory?

there is nothing fucking funny about Christmas
7. What is your favourite Christmas movie of all time?

The Christmas Story..
8. Do you do your own Christmas baking and what's your favourite treat?

Yes, I'm stupid..I bake a lot. Pecan pies, pumpkin pies, chocolate pies, cookies, cakes, fudge, and my favorite is the pecan pie.
9. Fake or real tree?
For years I had real trees, the kids and I would go pick up one and decorate it together..now? I got a fake one about 3 years ago on sale and now it's starting to look a little wore out, especially since Dexter has taken to sitting in it.
10. What day does the actual panic set in to get it all done?
Panic?...you'd have to give a shit to panic..and I don't give a shit.
11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?
hell no..
12. What is your favourite family fun time at Christmas?
fun? fun time at Christmas? your still shitting me right?
13. What Christmas craft do you like the best?
I don't craft.
14. Christmas music, yes or no? If yes, what is your favourite song?

Little Drummer Boy, by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
15 when do you plan on finishing your shopping.
I'm done...


Yankee Girl said...

I love pecan pie. I make at least three between Thanksgiving and New Years and usually eat them all by myself. Sometimes I will share with Leland if he is lucky.

sageweb said...

Hahahaha..that was funny...oh by the way I tried a chocolate pecan pie the other day..rich and wonderful

Intense Guy said...

I ain't even started yet...

Jan said...

You are a total bundle of Christmas cheer. :)

Blueberry said...

I love your answers! My favorite part about Christmas is surviving it without a mental or emotional breakdown. And by "Christmas" I mean "December".

Big Pissy said...

OMG!!!! LOVE your answers!!! :)

Anonymous said...

See, I don't even have to do this now because I would've used most of your answers.

Nit Wit said...

I'm tempted to do this one but you would be a tough act to follow.

Bridget said...

I just attempted to make home made pies for the first time - Betty Crocker I am not! I can make pumpkin rolls, cookies and buckeyes...I think I had better leave the pies to someone else. Christmas just isn't 'fun' since the kids are older...

Kulkuri said...

Good answers. I don't care for Pecan pies, I'd sooner open a vein and pour the sugar syrup in. I realize that sugar is the main food group in the South along with grease and salt, but the sugar syrup pies are too much.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally going to do this one! I'm right full of Christmas Cheer!

yellowdoggranny said...

i love that you are doing it..i've gone around and read them and they are way better than mine..mine sounded a little bah humbugish.ha

AngelConradie said...

I wish I was already finished...