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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Next to the posts I do on Westfest this is my favorite posts to do. Letters from the little kids, bad spelling and all.
Dear Santa,
I have been a o.k. boy this year. For Christmas I would like a hunting rifle from the Dollar Store and Indiana Jones Action figures, and a 22 rifle with bullets. I would also like Triple A batteries. I will leve milk and cookies by the fireplace for you. Love, Devin Sebera age 9
(kids here like guns, ammo, and stuff for their horses..)

Dear Santa, How are the toys going and how are you and Mrs. Claus doing How is Rudolph doing? I want a new pair coveralls because I am too small for mine and I want some shotgun shells because I am low on them. I want some new boots becasue mine are worn out. your friend, Henry Soukup age 9

Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Clause doing? Is it snowing up there? Are the reindeer doing good? Is it cold up there? What are you bringing me this year for Christmas? I want a laptop, I have been good this year. If it was up to me I would get it. Love your friend Cassie Niemeryer age 8.

Dear Santa, How are you today, Good or bad? (Circle it) I want an xbox 360 becus I try to be nice Lee Taylor age 8.

Dear Santa, How are you? Are you doing good. I am. I hope you give me a barbie and a good saddle for my horse. Leave me a big box of present in side and give my mom and my dad a present or two. Will you really do this for me? I want my parents to like it and I want a ZooZoo pet for me. Please give my dog ocean some balls and a tug-a-war rope too. I know she will be happy if you get her something. Thanks. Love your friend. Savanna Everett age 8.
(I know your expecting me to make a crack about her dog getting balls for Christmas, but I'm trying to be good.)

Dear Santa, How are you? Has it been snowing yet? Are you drinking hot cocoa instead of coffee? I bet the elves are really busy. I really deserve a Nintendo DS. I kept my room clean for 2 days!!
I also want a spy kit. I earned it because I did dishes for a week. I would like another WII game. I deserve it because I help with our family dinner. Sincerely, Kate McCaig age 8.
(I like how they think they deserve and earn their gifts by doing a weeks worth of chores.ha)

Dear Santa, How are you? How is Mrs. Clause? How's is the Elves? How's the reindeer? I wan
a basket ball for helping my mom. I wat some clouse becouses I am roning out I want a PSP becouses my other one broke. I want a alerm clock becouse I wock up late on school days. Your friend, Michael age 9.
(can't have Michael wocking up late)

Dear Santa, How are you and Misses Clause doing? What is comit doing? How are the elves? I would like a guitar with a case and NFL football game, an air sal gun, air hog R.C. and a AK47. All because I have been helping out my mom is pregnet with my little brother. Thanks Santa, Johnathan Cardenas age 9(this kid wants a AK47...even for Texas that's a little extreme.)

Dear Santa, How are you doing at the North Pole. Is the puppy Paws toy coming along.Is the cystal mealting! I believe in you! Oh!!!!!! I want a Nintido DSL and a ipod touch please. Also I would like a wii, a for wheeler and a tv in my room, lap top. I think I behaved enough for theese presents! love, Lacy Bradshaw age 8.

Dear Santa, How are you? Are the reindeer okay? Is the toy factory breaking down? I hope every body and every thing is okay. I want a D.S.I with a game. I deserve it because I was washing dishes for 4 weeks and cleaned my room for 5 weeks. Your friend, Angel Fuentes age9

Dear Sant How are you doing in the North Pole? How is Mrs. CLause and all of those elves? I hope they are doing good. How is Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Prancer, Vixin, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph? What I want for Christmas is a vanity set and a nintendo DS game. it is called Style Lab. I have been a good girl this year. I help my mom around the house. I cle and my room and some other stuff. It was kind hard cause ya'll make wonderful stuff. Love always, Kourtney Donnell age 9.
(I can never remember all the names of the reindeer and this 9 year old zips them right out)

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a new skatebord, a ramp, a robot that does what I say. Caleb J. age 7(this kid just wants something to boss around)

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a Hors, a piktos, 2 pairs of haos shoos. I love you Santa. You are the best. Lacey S. age 7

Dear Santa, I want Legos, a root beer making kit and a glow board. I know this is a lot to ask, but I want a new roof for my Mom, if you can. But the most favorite thing of all I want is for my family to have a merry Christmas. That's all I want, Santa- you don't have to work too hard. Love, Nick age 7
(there were 270 letters to Santa. So many of them were asking for things for their brothers and sisters and their family...one wanted a go cart for his grandpa so they could go racing together. Plus they ask for stuff for poor kids and one kid said he didn't want as much as he did last year but he had been praying for everyone since 9-11.)

Dear santa, I want a ipod touch because it is so fun. And Dad and Mom won't get me one so I am asking you because you will get me one for sure. So I can count on you. Love, Shay Hill.

Dear Santa, Cud you bren seven beusforu me cud yoo bren a Nievivagog and spechtoe and nuten. Orlando age 6
(I have absolutely no clue what he said...)

Dear Santa, I want a doree lamp and a beske and that is it. Maree crismss. Alana Machac age 6.
(Don't know what she said either.)

Dear Santa, Will you bring me pooping baby? It is called a Baby Alive. I also would like for you to bring me some new clothes and I would like for you to surprise me!! I will leave you some hot chocolate and cookies by the tree. HO! Ho! HO! Love Libby Gerik

This is just the creme of the crop of letters. I love this...cracks me up...They are so sweet..Hope Santa brought them what they asked for..and hope Santa brings you everything you ask for too. Goddess bless you and Merry Christmas. ole Jac


Jan said...

so glad the little darlings will be well armed. Are all the kiddies NRA in West?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like how they start out with the polite chit chat blah blah blah and then get down to BUSINESS! The AK47 and the pooping baby would be cool gifts. I hope Santa doesn't disappoint them!

Willym said...

think I'll open a gun store in the neighbourhood. They are a hoot particularly the two in whatever language they were written in!!!!

Hope you got all the baking, cooking and goody making done. Wish I could taste half of it.

baci e auguri di Roma

billy pilgrim said...

i can picture billy bob thornton reading those letters.

merry feckin xmas.

sageweb said...

Oh some of these are sooo cute..I love the little girl who wants balls for her dog..hehehe

Nit Wit said...

I thought in Texas the rule was no AK47's until you were 12.
I think Lacy wants a horse and 2 sets of horse shoes. I have no idea what a piktos is.
Shay may be pissed at Santa Christmas morning if he respects the parents wishes.
Orlando knows that every kid needs a Nievivagog, and 7 beusforu.
Libby wants Santa to surprise her. If he gives her a pooping baby and adds smell she might be surprised.
Natalie got one that cries real loud. I'm still waiting for the batteries to run down.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many 8 year olds want a laptop! What about Operation or Candyland? LOL I'm old school, I guess.

I still make my kids write a wish list for Santa.

I hope you have a great Christmas Jackiesue! Much love to you!

Woozie said...

For my 12th birthday I asked for a .22. They refused.

Sling said...

I love these!
They are funny,and touching at the same time.
..musn't have the kids running out of shotgun shells. :)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Down there, they need to keep the kids well trained and stocked with ammo for the "immigration issues".
That's pretty awesome!

yellowdoggranny said...

jan:this is texas. From the time they are old enough to cradle a rifle in their arms they are taken out and taught to hunt..
debrah:i think both those kids are messing with sana..but then again..maybe not.ha
wilym:i think i am done baking..might make some more cookies but will be at least a week..my butts tired.
billy:haha..bad santa would love those letters.merry fecking christmas to you too.
sage:its my favorite time of the year..the letters to santa..
nitty:think you must be part czech to read those letters..i like giving kids musical instruments..loud noisy instruments.
heart:i think they saw the add at walmarts for laptops at $200...I wrote a letter to santa and he gave me everything i wanted..merry christmas to you too sweety.'
woozie:did you ever get one?
sling:i love them..sweet and funny..guns and laptops for all.
ted:nah..these kids are all hunters..they could give a shit about immigration..they just want to shoot doves, turkeys and deer.

Rainwolf said...

Baby Alive! is still alive? Shit she must be 90 by now.

Intense Guy said...


Has anyone renewed your library's subscription to Guns and Ammo?

I hope YOU got everything you wrote to Santa to ask for...