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Monday, June 28, 2010


Dexter trying to figure out how much damage he can do before I catch him.

The kitteh hiding from Dex.

Dexter giving the kitteh they evil eye.

Dexter and Kitteh..before the paw smack.

Dexter and Kitteh after the paw smack.

my basil...this after I have culled about half of the batch and dried them out.

My squash...if you look close you can see the little baby squash and blossoms...there are about a dozen of them..

My wild flowers..

Texas thunderstorm in progress. I love this picture.

This Texas for you..this is one side of the apartment.

This is the other half..storm moving in.
Hopefully..we're going to get some rain..hopefully...gotta run..Babs wants a bacon cheeseburger and I've already had dinner so going to go split a skunk egg with her. Plus Dexter got out and need to catch him before the rain hits..


texlahoma said...

Nice pics, especially the thunderstorm clouds. Hmm, a bacon cheeseburger sounds pretty good right about now.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

:0( I want aa bacon cheeseburger.
Had wheaties for supper. sigh!
Love that cloud contrast pic too.
Did I miss something? Who's little kitty?

Big Pissy said...

LOVE the pictures.

and yes, who is the little kitty?

I fear for its life! ;-)

yellowdoggranny said...

tex:i love thunderstorm clouds..but we didnt get a drop of rain...feck.
babs had bacon cheeseburger, i had bacon burger and we split a skunk egg..nummmy.
shitunot:i was baby sitting little kitteh. thought about keeping it, but dexter's actions made me reconsider ...he knoked him off that railing twice in about 3 minutes.
big pissy.I love clouds...kitteh gone..before dex ate it.

CorvusCorax12 said...

those cloud pictures are great

sageweb said...

Love those clouds. And Dexter is cute as pie!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

chuckling.....poor lil kitten

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, your photo of the Texas thunderstorm is magnificent! Had to laugh at Dexter and the kitteh -- Dexter's not going to take any guff off some youngster!

Cassandra said...

That kitten is adorable!

Nit Wit said...

Nice pictures.
I bet that kitten would give Dexter a run for his money in a stand up fight. At least if you had a little time to train him.
The next time Dexter escapes with a storm coming just let him stay out there and see what real weather is all about.

Intense Guy said...

Those sky shots are impressive.

Video Camera powered by Energizer, Photographer powered by Skunk egg.

rox said...

HAHA Intense Guy is funny!

yellowdoggranny said...

twain:the clouds around here are kickass.
sage:yes to both.
shitunot:he never stood a chance.
debrah:it's hard to take a bad picture of thunderclouds..dexter is a pistol...
babs:that's right u didnt get a chance to meet him.
nitty:nope..the kitteh was way to sweet...dexter was never sweet.
he's been out in the storms before..he always forgets how bad they are.
intense:i still havent used the video camera.well i did about 30 seconds of dexter reaction to 'do you want to go outside'..but still cant figure out how to get it on computer.
rox:yes,....yes he is.

Jan said...

Dexter looks like he would like to eat cute little "Nermal."