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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Goddess must have picked a bad time to allow questions. Busy weekend with family and friends and showing love and respect to the fallen soldiers, is not a time for questions to Goddess.

I can't even make conversation with the Yellow Dog. All she does is complain about her feet, legs ass and take naps.

So I'll get right to it..answer your questions and then maybe come back another time .

IntenseGuy doesn't have any questions, other than how to get the video camera to work. Goddess and the Yellow Dog tried and tried and tried..We can't figure it out.

Twain12 wants me to have a good time. Done.

Ah, the lovely Sage wants to know if she will ever kiss someone again. Lips are to be kissed. If the lips aren't coming to you...you go to them.

Billy Pilgrim wants to know if we're on the eve of destruction. Humans have been on the eve of destruction since you developed the atom bomb. Your a nano second from complete destruction.

Jan wants to know how I feel about plastic surgery. Now the Yellow Dog has said on more than one occasion that if she won something called the lottery that she would have everything snipped, clipped, sucked and altered from head to bottom. Goddess said she made you perfect with the idea that you would age into what I mean you to be when you come to me. So? Don't mess with my work.

Galt wants to know why there are more horses asses than horses. We should have asked the Yellow Dog's grandpa as he's the one that came up with the theory back in the 50's.

Rainwolf wants to know how long someone can live on beer and Tequila. Not long..but it will feel like it.

the most beloved by the Yellow Dog, Nitty wants to know how long you can live without beer and Tequila and chocolate. A long time, but it won't be as much fun.

Shana wants to know about drivers and their cars. Goddess thinks that is where the 'more horses asses than horses' comes from. They get into a car and become horses asses.

Anne needs a designated driver. Ask Loki..I'm sure he's up for the job.

TsDuff:Goddess is most displeases with humans and their disrespect of the planet they were born on. I see much destruction and the death of many of My creations. But Goddess has a way to punish the ones responsible. Keep watching kiddos. The fun is just starting.

Goddess bless you my children...go in peace and keep your planet clean.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I agree with you, O Goddess, about plastic surgery. And horse's asses. And everything else, really.

Intense Guy said...

What make and model is that video camera anyway? :) Maybe someone I know can figger it out (but don't count on it!)

I didn't have any questions because I wanted YDG to have a marvelous time at the wedding.

And she did, she really did... just judging by the moans and groans, she had enough fun for about twenty peoples. :)

mxtodis123 said...

Poor Goddess looks as though she will need a few days to recuperate...but glad you were able to have some fun. Your pictures were great. Thanks for sharing them.

Jan said...

Thanks for imparting your wisdom and tell YD that she is being whiny.

Charlene said...

Note to Intense Guy: Hire a 12 year old to figure out the camera.

yellowdoggranny said...

debra:i wish i was as smart as the goddess.
intense:im sending you the camera to fix.
mx:yup...i had fun.sorta
jan:pissing and moaning is what i do best.
charlene:im doing better than that.im sending it to him to figure out.

billy pilgrim said...

we better start the party if we're nano seconds away from oblivion.

yellowdoggranny said...

party on garth ...party on..

sageweb said...

well that is great news..no off to go find a victim

yellowdoggranny said...

sage:not victim..prospect..ha