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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


There will be no pictures as my new friends wouldn't be too crazy about having their pictures plastered all over the web.ha..

So...remember the house I listed for sale in my West, Texas news report a couple of weeks back. and Suzanne emailed me wanting more information about it and I gave her all the information from the paper and they went and looked at the house, and loved it, put in their bid(lower than the price they were asking) and they accepted it. So now all they're doing is waiting for all the inspections to go through. I have my fingers crossed as they will make great Westites and even better friends. Her mother went to school here and was in the graduating class of 1951 and they had brought her down to look at the old home town and in the process fell in love with West. (what the fuck have I been telling you guys..you come here, you set your watch back 50 years and you'll never want to leave again.)..Suzanne's husband is Mike and he's retired Navy and with his cowboy hat looks sorta like Bum Phillips. Suzanne? She looks like Mike got really lucky..ha..So in the process Suzanne and I have been emailing each other back and forth and they asked me to dinner at the place of my choice and I could bring a friend. Sort of a thank you for turning them on to the house. They had been looking and hadn't found anything and if they hadn't been reading my blog wouldn't have known about it as they had taken the house off the market as it hadn't sold. They found my blog by googling West, Texas...big surprise huh?

Any how I picked The Pizza House of West and asked Babs. Shocker of all shocks..Babs came. Considering her limit for being around people (even if she knows them) is about 30 minutes I was amazed that she stayed right with us for the entire 2 1/2 hours. She was about to have a cigarette fit as none of the 3 of us smoke..She couldn't wait when Suzanne and I went to the bathroom and Mike went to talk to a friend(yes, they are already making friends) and broke out her smokes.ha.

What can I tell you about these folks...Mike's a diabetic too and is very smart about his health and helped along by Suzanne who keeps up on all the latest news and helps keep him in line. They rescued a German Shepherd named Turk who I am going to make friends with come hell or high water. I started out already by sending him a beef stick. Mike being retired Navy was accustomed to people that speak my language..Fuckinese..Which is nice and Suzanne is so sweet even if I did shock her boots off she wouldn't say so. Mike is excited about West(he's a Yankee right down to his cowboy boots)as they have a non-smoking VFW and every one has made him and Suzanne feel welcome. They have been hitting all the places to check every thing out. They took Suzanne's mother who is a very nice, straight laced Baptist to Tokio Store(which is a biker hangout) and Mike was very surprised to hear guys in biker garb come up to his mother-in-law and say"I tried to date you in high school but your mother wouldn't let me because I was Catholic."...She had a great time pointing out people and saying , he was my boyfriend, he was my boyfriend..And the best part? She reads my blog too. So howdy, Suzanne's mom..I'm sure you were a perfect lady then as you are now..

So for 2 1/2 hours the 4 of us sat at the Pizza house and got to know each other. I can not tell you how proud I am of myself for putting out my little West, Texas up date and being responsible for them finding their new home right here in good ole West. I done good..hot dang..!


CorvusCorax12 said...

you did good...yayy to new friends !

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

So glad you found your voice again Jackie....lol
Love stories with a happy ending.
wink,wink...that's is exactly how I found you. Let your fingers do the walking & ta da.
wink,wink a Navy man not speaking Fuckinese...ex#1 must have been the rare exception.LMFAO
Will post pic of ex#2.
He was a 53-54 grad.
Your new friend's mom might have passed him in the halls.

Intense Guy said...

This is a marvelous post.

Sounds like you got 4 new friends out of this 'deal'!!

The cool couple, the mom, and the pooch!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your blog is a force for truth, justice and the American Way, that's for sure! What a lovely story!

Anonymous said...

West does sound somewhat like Utopia wants to be.


Rox said...

Could you imagine if all your readers moved to West? LOL!