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Monday, June 07, 2010


yup..its one of those Mondays..still feel so bad for the Lady Trojans. i still think they got screwed...what kind of umpire throws a high school kid out of the championship game over a tag at home?..fucker..



Homer and Scooter


stupid republicans..








Big Pissy


Intense guy

Ted and Tex



all of us who find her a pain in the ass.

I wish this on the umpire from Saturday..asshat

my cousin Jr. who doesn't want me to be his friend on facebook any more cause I'm not a Christian...don't you love how un Christian Christians are?



hope a hangover is all he has to worry about in the morning..and not that he's road kill.



this just cracked me up.


our kids.

that's how I got my squash.

all of us facebook users..haha


Anonymous said...

Jeepers, it's Monday already.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Thx for the : 0 )'s.
Makes my day even better.

Nan said...

I'm wondering how many people are gonna recognize McVeigh.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You need to make the angry bunny face at your cousin Jr. Oh well, it's his loss!

Great Stumbles today, YDG! I especially like the Iditarod dog and the cat who steals food during pee breaks!

Intense Guy said...

I loved the unassembled snowmen sale... now that's clever!

...and the "use rear entrance one" LMAO...

Some really "heavy" but hard hitting ones in this lot!


sageweb said...

I just love that picture of the dog pissing on the other..that is how I feel some days.

Blueberry said...

it's one of those "too much sun on Sunday" Mondays.

Charlene said...

Sooo sorry the gals lost!

I like the angry bunny!!!

Nit Wit said...

I can't fart in the forest? Boy I better find a full elevator.
My parents tried that family planning advice. They got me.

Jan said...

The baby with his winkie in the cup...he could be blackmailed by his parents for his whole life.

billy pilgrim said...

all turtles should be rock stars!

unfortunately it looks like there are going to be a lot of oil covered rock stars.

Shrinky said...

Your cousin Jnr kinda' sums it all up about Christianity, doesn't he? Sorry about what happened about the game. I loved all of these, but particularly the one pointing out you can't be Pro-War AND Pro-Life!!

rosemary said...

OK...it's Tuesday but I made it as usual a day late and a trash can later.....Emma the kitty growled at the census girl that showed up asking questions about the neighbors from hell....seriously.

texlahoma said...

As if you didn't already think I'm crazy, I think there is a possibility that McVeigh is still alive! He was a good little soldier and took the blame for the OKC bombing, then they pretended to execute him. If I don't trust the government, why should I trust them to execute people who (secretly) worked for them?

tsduff said...

Hey JS - will you please send me some of that Palin Paper? :)

Writing Without Periods! said...

Oh, you are so funny! Thanks for the grins.

Dx said...

These things never bother me. I'm on a six-day week - Tuesday to Sunday. By the way, did you take these photos by yourself?

yellowdoggranny said...

heart..it was a long monday too.
shitunot:glad to be of assistance.
nan:me too..Tex thinks he's still alive...sigh*
debra:when i finally figured out the face on the kitty i cracked up..oh ..jr. will get over it..or he won't..not going to lose any sleep over it.
intense:i find some great ones all over the internet..fun to do.
sage:i felt that way after the lady trojans lost.growl..
blue:that actually made sense.
kb5:yes he is..
charlene:sigh*me too.
nitty:no..no farting in the forest for you..ha
jan;the caption which didn't appear is 'see why new fathers shouldn't be left alone with new baby'..haha
billY:i found another one too of a turtle that you'll like.
one NOT covered with oil..them fuckers.
shrinky:christians make me laugh..thank the Goddess.
rosemary:maybe she knows something we dont..ha/
tsduff:used or new?
writing:thanks.I put up funny stuff..what can i tell you.ha
dx:nope i steal these all over the web,from stumbles to websites, from facebook, etc. i have no shame..

The Sports Lounge Team said...

lol naked rugby, can u imagine the injuries!...Sam stosur lost the French Open :-(. i have never seen an Aussie girl win a grand slam in my whole life.