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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ten West High School baseball players along with the Trojan coaching staff were named to the 7-AAA All District teams.
The West High School varsity softball team members are continuing to receive several awards after their 2010 season which finished with a 38-3 record and state runner up in Class 3A.
Twelve Lady Trojans received District 7-AAA honors including several of the individual honors and first, second and honorable mention honors.
West senior catcher Breanna Pavlas was named the district's most valuable player along with Gatesville's pitcher Emily Lieb. Pavlas had a .450 batting average through the season, excluding the state tournament.She has also been selected to play in the Texas Girls Coaches Association All Star game at 4 p.m. July 13 at the Workman Complex in Austin. Lady Trojan Ashley Anz was selected the district's pitcher of the year. The senior right-hander finished the season with a 38-3 record. She was named to the all state academic teams and is to play in the TGCA All Star game as a member of the West Trojan team. Senior Brooke Keel was named the district's offensive player of the year. The West second baseman had a .647 batting average. In addition, she was named the TGCA softball athlete of the year along with being named to it's all state team. Kell was also chosen to play in the TGCA all star game. Every girl on the team was either first team second team or honorable mention. They fucking rock.
And just to show you that the kids of West aren't just baseball phenoms, graduating seniors of WHS received over $220,000 in scholarships. Kevin Anthony was selected as a National Scholar in the 2010 Coca-cola Scholars Program.
Ok...now on to the regular appointed West, Texas news. I lied about how much rain we got..didn't mean to lie..it was that dept perception problem again. We got almost 7 inches of rain in a 24 hours period. It was the largest amount of rain since George Nors has been gathering rain since September of 2001.

This Saturday West is having an Accordion Squeeze-Off from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the West Community Center. It's a free event..so be there or be square.
Hot Damn! Bold Springs Baptist Church is going to be selling hamburgers June 21 from 11a.m. on. It is on my yafta list.
West KC's is sponsoring beer and wine competition on August 8 at the West Columbus Club Hall. The beer division will have 2 classes, amber and dark.The wine will have 3 classes, white, red and novelty. There will be a $6 fee per category. Don't think I'll be asking about the judging job on this one.
West Senior Center needs volunteers for Meals on Wheels program. Need a driver and someone to help deliver the meals. I need to get off my ass and go do that. But it forces me to have to make conversation with people...sigh*
West Brethren Church is going to host a "GOD AND COUNTRY" concert this Sunday at the West church. Nashville's Eric Horner, a gospel music singer will be singing. I will refrain from making smart ass remarks. I have bit my tongue twice. Only because this guy and his wife do a lot for the troops by putting on shows for them..so I'll be good.
Man, there is going to be some good eating here in West. Penelope is having a barbecue cookoff this Saturday along with a dessert contest. Elk's St. Joseph's Annual Picnic is scheduled for June 27 at the church grounds.Lebanon church is having a hamburger supper on Saturday along with drinks, chips and desserts. Donations only.
I guess the Farmers Market went ok..The city is currently applying to be a member of the GoTexan certified farmers market program. Then the vendors would be allowed to accept WIC coupons and senior citizen vouchers. Which is cool.
Holy shit! The Playdium Pool has an extended menu(they used to sell burgers, nachos and ice cream) to steaks, shrimp,fish and chicken and chicken fried steaks, baked potatoes and home fries with Kake's cheese ruff sauce(don't ask I don't have a clue)..dang.
I found out at the dinner last Sunday with Mike and Suzanne that Sukak's Restaurant closed down. That's a shame. Compensinos the Mexican Restaurant closed down too.
We have 2 new babies. Landrie Reese Massey weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches long and Ella Ann Wolf was a whopping 9 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches long. Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Wolf celebrated their 50th anniversary, along with Marvin and Barbara Brem. Butch and Fran Vochoska celebrated their 45th anniversary. Mary Dujka turns 97 tomorrow.
Olga Hutyra 91, Henen Picha 94 and Billy Gene Cook 80 are no longer with us.
Fritze Hodde and the Fabulous Six are playing at the Knights of Columbus on June 27 with a $7 cover.
West Food Mart has pork spare ribs on sale for $1.99 per pound and Haas avocados 3 for $1.
Community Grocery has a 3 pound box of Slovacek BBQ links for sale at $6.19. I'm going to get a box..them suckers are soooo good.
I haven't heard from Suzanne about the inspections so I'm hoping they went well. So I'll try and sell another house here. Old fashioned charm 3-bedroom, 2 bath with 1,940 sq. feet remodeled and updated in 2008 with new roof, new A/C and heat. Looks brand new. 1001 N. Reagan $124,900. That's in town.
Czech Inn needs a full time night auditor and must be able to work nights and weekends and holidays. Jupe Mills is looking for a wholesale manager which includes invoicing, phone skills and dealing with dealers.
There you go folks..the West, Texas news...What didn't make the paper was that Babs along with Tony and Betty's brother they killed a 2-3 foot yellow bellied something snake..I forget..Prego her cat found it on the porch right by her door..They hacked it to death. The mustang farmer has a small tank and it attracts all those type of snakes..they like water and they don't like being messed with. They're not poisonous but don't think Babs would have liked being bit by it and know the cats wouldn't. They also make a smell like a skunk when they are threatened. Which really freaked ole Tony out. Ha.
I walked over to take Babs her paper and Dexter walked over with me ..or stalked me all the way over I'm not sure which. He went into Babs house, pissing off Tina and worrying Prego. He would like to make friends but the twisted sisters aren't all that interested. I don't think he knows he's not as illegible a bachelor as he seems to think and has visions of a little Dexter harem...dream on buddy..dream on.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh that Dexter, he's such a ladies' man! Sounds like you've got lots of good stuff coming up in West. "Accordion Squeeze-Off" made me laugh!

Intense Guy said...

I was busy <3 ing Breanna Pavlas until I got to that Accordion Squeeze-Off bit... Oh holy moly! The Goddess truly lives in paradise.

Are you saying Dexter has been... umm... "fixed"? Gasp!

The Sports Lounge Team said...

yeah maybe next year for us. a draw or tie was the best result because the two teams were so evenly matched, they just couldnt win...we dont have ties in finals we go into extra time, just not during the season.

the annoying soccer horns have been banned :-)