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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Farmers Market is still doing good. I haven't made it yet, but will probably go this coming Saturday and see what they have. It's just been so fecking hot out that I hate to get out of the apt. unless I have to. Talked to a couple of people that said they had some nice stuff but pretty pricey...soo?
We are going to have our second Czech-splosion the 3rd. of July. The fireworks start at approximately 8:45 p.m. over by the Czech Inn. It's supposed to be bigger and better than last year, which I missed and don't remember why. But I'm going this year just to see the movie. Last year they had 3,000 people which is fantastic as the population of West is less than 3,000. The events will start at 6:30 p.m. with concessions with hot dogs, fried ice cream (yes, it's Texas and we fry shit),sausage wraps(not with lettuce but with white bread) and soft drinks. Remember these are Czech's so I'm sure there will be coolers full of beer. People are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets if they are going to watch the fireworks. We are also going to have a city-wide garage sale and movie night. They don't have a title for the movie yet, but will be a family movie. No Texas Chainsaw Massacre for us.
The West High School Junior Historians take a trip to Europe. 24 West HS Juniors along with 7 adults are in the midst of a 8-day European tour. Wearing their West High Junior Historian shirts with the word's "LIFE'S A DANCE, LET'S POLKA," the group gathered for a group picture this past Monday morning prior to leaving on an airplane which will take them to Europe.
The school group is known for wearing Czech costumes and their Czech dancing demonstrations and this trip to the Czech Republic and Germany should enhance their cultural knowledge. The places in Germany they are supposed to visit are :The Perguron Museum the Brandenburg Gate, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, and a a Berlin River Cruise. While in Prague, the group's tour will be at Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, a stroll through the cobbled streets of the Mala Strana and a trip to the Market Square where they will see the famous 15th century astronomical clock. They also hope to be able to eat in an authentic Czech restaurant while in Prague. Maybe they can bring back some different Czech recipes besides sausage and kraut.

Deanna Gayle Beseda is engaged to marry James Brandon Reaves and will be married at First United Methodist Church in Azle.
Poppi Michelle Perdichi was born March 12, 2010 weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces and 19,5 inches long.
Holly Gwyn Harrington came in weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long. Hagen Hollis McDugal weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches long.
Emmalie Christine Brown came in at a whopping 9 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long.
Willie Mae Cervenkal celebrated her 80th birthday.
And for all you golfers out there...listen up...James "Shorty" Harkins just made his 7th hole in one. He took up golfing when he was 62...yes, you read that right..he started when he was 62...and he's 80 years old now. Take that Tiger Woods.
As you can see by the wonderful faces and great expressions summer baseball, softball and t-ball is in full swing. I think there might be a future World Series Player in that bunch. That will make 2...ha.
Just when I think this hot weather is a new experience for us..50 years ago in June it was 104. So I'll have to quit bitching, we've only had 100 degrees once this year.
West Food Mart has pork roast on sale for $1.49 pound and Dr Pepper 3 12-packs for $11, and I know Babs bought a ton of it. Community Grocery has a 3-pound box of Wrights bacon ends and pieces for $4.69 and I think I might get me some of that..it's great for using in green beans/red potatoes and for BLT'S. Hell, it's good just to fry up and eat on white bread. Which I can't have but will substitute with WW bread. Oh...milk is on sale too. $2.69 gallon, was up to over $3.00.
Holy Shit! A Mexican Restaurant opened up and I missed it. Las Palmas Taqueria. Where the Taco place used to be over by Czech Inn. Or it might be where the big BBQ Restaurant was, I'll have to see. They even have a coupon buy any plate regular price and get second 1/2 off. The menu looks pretty fecking good. We may have to chippy on Pizza House of West. I love Mexican food and was not all that impressed with Leo's which is across the street from Pizza House of West and always afraid they will see me eating there and have their feelings hurt. Ha.
And if your lucky like Mike and Suzanne you might buy one of these houses for sale. Stunning 2-story home on 10+ acres. Custom built quality, spacious floor plane in this 3-bedroom, 3.5 bath. Office with wet bar, isolated master BR with patio door, formal dining room, high ceilings stone F/P, stainless appliances and 2 stairways that lead to large loft that could be 4th BR, second living area or game room. $279,000. You could buy either the bakery, the electrical/plumbing business or a restaurant and a new home and live here in the 1950's with me. And if your old farts like me(or older) you can move into the West Assisted Living ..Rooms available, staffed 24/7, 2 Physicians, West Ambulance Service and air EVAC next door.
Handicap-Accessible Van provided for appointments and outings. Three home style meals daily plus snacks. Can't ask for more than that..Plus I can sneak you in some Blue Bell and Dublin Dr Pepper.
Well, that's it for this week...have to go take a shower, change the sheets and Tabu my ass. Dexter's in and I have to curry him as he's got burrs, leaves, twigs and all sorts of shit in his fur. Have a great weekend...hugs and kisses from West, by Goddess, Texas.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

My tongue is hanging out for Pit BBQ.
Dr.Pepper is $5 a case at WallyWorld in NH.
Wish I could trade places with Bab's. :0)
Thanks for another trip down Memory Lane Jackie.
Small towns can be good....Good things come in small packages!

Willym said...

bacon... hmmmmm.... you know I love my weekly West fix.. but throw in the bacon and....

texlahoma said...

I don't know if the Czech Inn was suppose to be a play on words but to check in at the Czech Inn seems pretty clever to me.

billy pilgrim said...

a mexican named leo, who knew.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks for all your great comments lately, YDG. I especially liked your "quitting smoking" story!

When you first wrote that "Czech-splosion" is next weekend, I thought perhaps they were going to blow up a few Czechs, but no such luck, eh?

I love Mexican food too -- waiting for your restaurant review of the new place!

Rox said...

I thought to myself "Why is she going to put Curry powder on the cat?!"


Jan said...

Living in the 1950s sounds better all the time. We just got word that the city can't afford to have fireworks this year. The state has taken money from the cities and don't get me started on that shit.

yellowdoggranny said...

shitunot:i wouldn't live any place else..no place like west,texas. look at them faces on those cute kids..is that happy or what?
tex:yup..its a play on check in..and belive me your not the first one to notice it..every one that czech's in...makes a comment. ha..
billy:something you ain't telling us leo?
debra:i love making comments on your posts..you give me lots to work with..i love that story about my quitting smoking..not only funny..but true..ha. I think i'll go to the new rest. this coming weekend...can't wait.
rox:i had to reread my post to figure out what you were talking about..hahah
jan:1950 is good times..and the fireworks is being paid for by one of the local car dealers...sykora's or greg may's.
for a little city we have a lot of extras..made possible by our westfest every year..so we're lucky.

Intense Guy said...

Enjoy the fireworks! I hope it cools down some before the 4th.

Bacoooooooooooon!! Gotta have some baaaaaaaaaaacoooooon! Maybe someone will be enterprising and be a bacon vendor at the Czech-splosion.