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Monday, October 10, 2005


sat when i went to the library they had just cataloged a bunch of new books and guess who snatched them up first..yup..me..
frankenstein by dean koontz and read it already and it was farfuckingout...want to read part two now...so good..so so good
tyrannosaurus canyon by douglas preston..reading it now and print is to fucking small but will keep going as its a good book..
love sick blues by william hemphill..about hank williams...cant wait..
flinch by robert ferrigno..like the serries so far another cant wait
marker by robin cook...hot damn..love robin cook
shadows by edna buchanon..????sounded good
midas by russell andrews...?? sounded good
point blank by catherine coulter..like her books...so hopefull
blown...by rancine mathew...wonder if it is about sex or drugs??

does anyone in texas my age remember the great radio shows? do you remember big john and sparky? i loved big john and sparky..got to go to some grocery store and see them when i was about 7 years old and was heart broken to find out sparky was a dummy..thought he was a real kid..fucking radio..
and my favorite..the b bar b riders...man, i miss radio shows...inner sanctum...the shadow..lone ranger. man..better than tv..
and another reaason to celebrate at sooner's...they have put in the 34-year old machine that maded the first frozen margaritas into the smithosian's national museum of american history..how cool is that..
poem i wrote after the game:
i would happily croak
from a stroke
to see the eagles back broke
by the cowboys...

ok, so im no poe...

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