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Monday, October 03, 2005


I am so pissed my back teeth hurt from my gritting them...I arrived here at the library at 3pm it is now 5:45 and all I have done is post.. why? because when I tried to read anyone's blog or leave a comment..it takes 7 fucking minutes..so I sit here like a camel chewing my cud waiting for blogster to work...and does it?fuckno....I left a comment on neil and bob's blog to let them know im not a happy camper..and I really dont feel like the give a shit...personally..last friday I got pissed and finally left without reading anyone's posts...and same thing sat...so I thought over the weekend that they would have "worked out their little kinks" as they called them..right...well, they didnt ..it still is not working..and I know it is not the computers here because I can get on aol, yahoo and other web sites without any problem at all..the only time I have problems is when Im on blogster...am I the only one that is having this problem? maybe they are tired of my bitching and a whining and are trying to make me leave or get so pissed that I will make some threat toward them and they can toss my fat ass out of here..what ever is going on..it is starting to wear on me...so Im not sure I will be back tomorrow or not..cause there is no sense in my getting on to blog and to read blogs if I cant do either...

*Note: Reference is to new owners that took over Blogster and made it suck ass

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