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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


man was that a baseball game or what...???? i am so sorry for the astro fans...i know my sweet little aunt who is 80 years old, works 50 hours a week and still packs a gun is just so pissed ..she has been an astro fan since the first day they moved to town..she has lived in houston since the 30's and loves her team..all my cousins love the astro's, they go to all the games..i even root for them all the time..them and the rangers as i am all that is texas..but the sox's are not to be denied..i actually think they will lose the game tonight just so they can go home and win it in front of the home team...which eveyone assures me is wrong..they will win if they can and then go home and celebrate with the fans..i feel guilty for not rooting for the astros..but i cant deny our hometown boy...now in a perfect world he would play for the astro's...i just know that if the sox win..we will have a parade and all the bells and whistles for scott...i had forgotten when i first moved back to west that i helped my friend michael coach t-ball and scott was the other coach...and mike told me that scott was freaked out by me..didnt know they made women like me..who knew sports, cussed and raised hell..ha..he should have seen me when i drank...im tepid tea compared to what i was when i drank..but funny to think that sweet innocent kid is now whacking them balls out of the park in the world series...bet he has met alot more women like me by now..
i made myself laugh last night by saying "the new pitcher is...cox for soxs...another thing that made me laugh was one of the protestors in front of the white house had a tshirt on that said bushit...cracked me up...and then to top off my morning saw joe nichols sing "tequila makes her clothes fall off" on the view..could have been my theme song back in the 70's and 80's...i won $20 on a tequilla drinking contest back in 1969...customer at the bar where i worked bet me $20 that i couldnt drink a bottle of tequilla...so did...then went across the street and had another shot of tequilla..then drove(fuckme) home where i parked my station wagon on top off my highly loved and tenderly cared for rose bushes..slept for about 2-3 hours, got back in the station wagon went to the embers and had 2 shots of tequilla...then drove across town to the palm gardens where the bartender said i finished off his bottle of tequilla which had about 4 shots in it and one out of the new bottle and then went home again..the next day when i was picking cactus needles out of the pores of my skin i mentioned that i really got drunk on tequilla and no one knew i was drunk..they said i was quiet..but looked perfectly sober to them..hince comes the word stoned...for having drunk too much tequilla..(drunk..?drank??)all i know is the enamel on my teeth was gone from sucking on all the limes and lemons with the tequilla..and we figured it out that i had drank(drunk) over 1 1/2 bottles of tequilla in less than 5 hours..not counting the 2-3 hour nap...the thought of actually drinking tequilla now makes me gag...

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