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Saturday, October 08, 2005


i bet she had on the same tshirt that ruby rocks told me about and i want...the bush and cheney fucking the world tour...2004...maybe not.. anyhow..
reno nevada..
a woman was booted off a southwestern airlines flight for wearing a tshirt that bore an expletive and images of president bush, vice president dick heney and secretary of state condolezza rice.
lorre heasley of woodland, wash. said she planned to press a civil-rights complaint against the airline over turesday's action at reno-tahoe international airport, a stoover point on ms. heasley's scheduled trip from los angeles to portland, oregon.
I have cousins in iraq and other relatives going to war", ms heasley told the reno gazette."here we are trying to free another country, and i have to get off an airplane, over a tshirt. that's not freedom."
sw airline spokeswoman marilee mcinnis said several passangers complained about the shirt.
ms. heasley, a 32 year old saleswoman, said passengers began complaining after she and her husband, ron, moved to the front of the cabin in reno.
she agreed to cover the words with a sweatshirt, but when the sweatshirt slipped while she was trying to sleep, she was ordered to wear her tshirt inside-out or leave..she and her husband left. they arrived hom e in a rental car wed. afternoon.
ms. mcinnis said southwest rules allow the airline to deny boarding to any passenger whose clothing is "lewd, obscene or patently offensive."
but allen lichtenstein, a lawyer for aclu in las vegas, said it "might be problemmatic" that the airline "changed rules in the middle of the flight".

well, fuck me...no really..fuck me..

supposedly we're in iraq to bring them the joys and benefits of democracy..to bad we dont have any of it here stateside..this is the biggest crock of shit..makes my rednecked red ass even redder...

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