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Thursday, October 20, 2005


i tried to read and comment on several blogs..did some on sooners and one on liberallikejesus...but it takes soooo fucking long...you guys are going to wake up one of these days and head lines on front pages of papers all over america are going to be about a little old lady that flips out in local library and puts her converse high tops thru computer screen, muttering and screaming as they carry her away.."im going to fucking get you neil and bob...be afraid...be very afraid." well, i decided to do my spring cleaning..little slow..have most of furniture in bed room moved out and going to give it a good scrubbing...hose it down maybe..i live in here..other room is full of assorted furniture and books..one day i will make a short list of some of the weird books i have..like the one on the adams family, faulty towers, buffalo bob,alfred hichcock, queens of england, history of england, the world, literature books, how to write good, books,horoscope books,books on china, south america,texas,and that is just a few..have what is called in high class book circles...a shit load of books..going to go thru them this week end and sell some of them...have a bunch of collector items that i got for $1 and now can make some money on them...hate to do it but that is what i bought a bunch of them for..to resell...but like ripping my arms off..i love my books...well, heading to the house...see you all saturday..hopefully the blog site will be fixed....i jest..we all know it is truly fucked forever...

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