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Thursday, October 13, 2005


both of us like to watch nsci or what ever the letters are..i cant remember the csi's nypd,etc..anyhow the next night after it came on he called me and asked me what happened that night on the show as he was trying to watch it but was "busy"...so i gave him the up date and said" so you were busy, huh, is that hip talk for i was getting laid"? and he laughed and said yes...said you lying sonofabitch..you didnt want an up date on the show, you just wanted to brag about getting you pipes cleaned...he actually giggled..men, so strange..
hell, i havent had sex in so long that if and when i did, no one would have to wonder or guess, because the guy would be screaming "get off, quit, im done...stop..no more..oh god, no more"and i would be laughing like a banshee....

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