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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


does anyone read the comics like i do? i love the dallas morning comics even if they have changed the format into a magazine section and the characters look like the are little blurs...anyhow does anyone read get fuzzy by darby conley? it is about a insane monkey killer(in his dreams) siamese cat named bucky and a dumber than dumb dog(is feeling shakey now that he found out he was born in canada) satchel and onwed by rob who is always being fucked over some how by the cat and hugged alot by the dog..so this past week his comics have been about info on cats...but yesterday it was about bobbie the wonder dog from oregon..
from august, 1923, to febuary, 1924, a scotch collie-english shepherd mix named bobbie made perhaps the most incredible documented journey to return home. while visiting indiana, bobbie was chased away from his owners by a pack of local dogs. after 3 weeks of searching, his family was forced to return to oregon without him, broken-hearted. exactly6 months later, bobbie walked back into his hometown of silverton, oregon. tired and emaciated, he had traveled somewhere around 3,000 miles on foot.through icy rivers snow storms and over huge mountain ranges. as his story became known, his owners received many letters from people who had seen and/or helped bobbie along his cross crountry journey.

now that is such a great story about the heart of dogs..but what really struck me and put the fear of god into me was..my first husband lives in oregon..what if he shows up on my door step like that...he is a dog after all...

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