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Thursday, October 27, 2005


i am up to the top line of my red neck with all this bull shit that is going on with all the blogsters...there is enought shit going just to find time to post, read comments and try to read an occasional email...but this bullshit with one person against another person and one against all..and all against one..well, it is just to stupid and 3rd grade for me to sit by and let it all go down the tubes..i came on to blogster.com to have fun and piss off the right wing christian right republicans..instead..i made some great friends...but now all these witty funny sweet people have turned into gigantic assholes...i have said it before..and will say it again...but this is the last time. so pay fucking attention...stop with this posting of mean shit on each other's site..stop being mean spirtied, thin skinned jackassess..i swear to the goddess, this is worse than high school..it is so childish i cant even begin to understand what started it or what is keeping it going..but fuck you all..your stupid and childish and someone needs to reel you little assholes in...grow the fuck up...post what you want, but dont use it to be vicious and mean to other bloggers..stop posting mean and hurtful comments on your blog site..i know it is your site and you should be able to post what you want..but quit using it to act like 3rd graders...or jilted lovers..i repeat..grow the fuck up..you know who you are..and yes, this is to you..and you..and you too asshole..so SNAP OUT OF IT...fuckers..

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