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Thursday, October 06, 2005


hm...hm....yeah right...just what i need to read or even listen to ...a skinny french women telling me how to eat...hell most skinny french women cant keep their french husbands from cheating on them..yeah, like im going to listen to her.
tell you how my mind is warped..was checking out books while waiting for the blue square to grow and found a book titled one night stand with the king..i thought wow..a book about a quickie with elvis....doh..was about esther and some king of persia..what a dip i am..henrietta has a new helper at the library and she has turned this place into a sparkling and shinny new library...just put out tons of fall decorations...flowers, holloween decorations in the kiddies part of library..looks soo great..
did i tell you that my blood pressure is 140/80 and i lost 4 lbs?...baby steps...baby steps...but i would knock down a 83 year old lady on a walker if it would get me a dr.pepper...and i have been asked not to stand in front of the ice cream section of community grocery and to refrain from whimpering when i walk by the soda pop section..pasty has threatened to make me stand out in parking lot and have them bring me my groceries.. so i will not be tempted...i have asked each cashier to please remember...no matter what i promise or how much money i offer them...not to sell me ice cream, dr.peppr or fritos..
made salt free chinese food for dinner.so guess i will go eat it...oh by the way...all you LOST fans...man is that show good..think the others are canibals?

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