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Monday, October 03, 2005


I'am trying to be possitive here but it is hard. The cowboys are conspiring to make me nuts..the weather is still hotter than than hell, my pbs channels are still fuzzy and my dallas paper is still fucked up...I know for a fact that it is a republican conspiracy to drive me over the wall out of the garden of west, texas and into the streets of hell.But I refuse to give in to temptation...I will remain calm, I will be strong, I will not go redneck and stomp someone into a mud puddle and then stomp them dry..yeah, right..
so to calm that little crazy person that resides inside of me aching to be set free I decided to cook instead..so I made green chile pork stew..I made enought to feed me for a week at least...huge pot of stew..and boy did I do good..it may be the best batch I have made yet..but did get carried away with the cayanne chili poweder..which I always do..but man I love that stuff..west food mart had roast pork on sale for .99cents a lb. so I bought two of them for under $7. Put one in the freezer and made stew with the other one...I don't have a recipe but can give you the ingredients and you can go from there..I stuff that pork roast full of slivered garlic, put fake salt pepper and flour on it and then heat on all sides in my iron skillet. then add little beef broth to skillet and stick in over low and cook till it is still pink almost red ..in mean time i take carrots, bell peppers, potatoes, onions, garlic, fake salt, pepper, garlic powder,paprika,celery, cayanne pepper, chili powder and beef broth with water and cook like your making stew..then let pork rest and then shread meat into the stew pot(iron also) and cook till all is well...then eat...really good..than almost made up for the fucking cowboys game..but not quite..but miracle of miracles with the exception of the cowboy game and one other I won all the games I had bet on this week end...pretty cool...I just refuse to get crazy over the cowboys..as much as I want to ..I refuse to get taken out by a football game..Im saving my big stroke for when I decide to have sex ...figure that should be the way to go..

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