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Monday, October 24, 2005


dont know if this is kosher or not but im highly recommending a book and will quote from it too...title is "Impostor:How George W.Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy"...by Bruce Bartlett...
quote from book...
"The truth that is now dawning on many movement conservatives is that George W. Bush is not one of them and never has been. They were allies for a long time, to be sure, and conservatives used Bush just as he used them. But it now appears that they are heading for divorce."

no shit sherlock...and for more proof of this:
"on Thursday, Manhattan's districk attorney announced that a Virginia oil-trading ompany pleaded guilty to grand larcency in an oil-for-food program kickback scheme, and agreed to pay a $250,000 fine as part of the negotiations.."..(that is like me paying a .25 cent a day library fine...)this is just the tip of the ice burg of all the little deals made to help the rich get richer in bush's little "lets invade iraq" and make money for my bidness cronies...another tip is the $20 ice tray...the pentagon paid $20 apiece for plastic ice cube trays that once cost it .85cents..it paid a supplier more than $81 apiece for coffeemakeers that it bought for years for just $29 from the manufacturer.That's because instead of getting competive bids or buying directly from the manufacturers as it used to, the Pentagon is using middlemen who set their own prices. and its costing taxpayers 20 percent more than the old system. prime vendor sales increased from $2.3 billiion to $7.4 billion....and does anyone want to bet that they people frofitting fromt this little deal gave to the coffers of george or to his daddy..????fuck me til i clog dance..

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