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Thursday, October 13, 2005


read all the posts and decided it might be more fun just to stay here and call them stupid names..make fun of their manhood(if any),poke fun of their religion and politics..just be what i am...a pain in the ass..and what cracks me up is...i get this email from barbara and they sent a reply to me...to her...doh...saying they didnt know what i was refering to...WHAT THE FUCK?.. are they held up in some cellar on the moon or what? dont they read thier posts..or read anyone's blogs..judas priest..fuck me every tuesday..i want to check out babs poll..(and sooners, huh huh)about compaints etc..i went to monsterblog.com or something like that i forget and joined up. but only did one post and said i wounldnt stay if i couldnt say fuck...havent heard from them...heehee
so as pissed off as i am..i will continue to come in when i do the library stuff and post and try to read your posts and comment.if not.i will just rant and rave and hold my breath until im purple, throw myself on the floor and kick and scream...works for all those damn kids in the grocery store..which reminds me..does any one watch those fucking super nanny shows? this is why i believe in a small amount of child abuse..i think it is perfectly acceptable to whack your kid in the back of the head if he spits on you, bites you, kicks you or cusses at you..or anyone else..i didnt beat my kids..only because they knew i would if they fucked up...one time mojo and i were in the grocery store, she was about 4..sitting in the basket..behaving herself..and this woman had about 4 kids and they were running all over the store, screaming, crying begging for this thing and another thing..maryjo just sat there and stared at them..finally she looked up at me and said"if i did that you would kill me"...and i looked at her and smiled and said.."and dont you forget it"...i could take those 3 kids any place and they behaved..because they knew if they didnt they would be punished..they said yes mamm, and no sir..thank you and please.. went they were polite..well mannered and i still get comments from people that have known them all their lives about how well behaved they were..that whack in the back of the head...works..now, parents are so busy trying to be "friends" to the kids that they forget to be parents..
when i first got married at the ripe old age of 16 most of the couples we knew were older and were having kids..i would see them coming and just cringe because they were little monsters..always swore up and down when i had kids people would be as glad to see them as they were me..so dont understand why the nanny just doesnt whack them a good one...

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