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Thursday, October 06, 2005


ok, you win..i held out as long as i could...IM BACK...
but it was fun for a while...but being nice is so fucking hard..its hard...hard work....i understand..o goddess there i go again..
i had more fun out of reading your comments that i did the blogging..although i did get a kick out of slamming tom and katie..those fucking dipshits...looks like ole tommy boy was jumping on something besides oprah's couch...bad boy..bad boy...dont you know it would be karma (and i do belive in karma) if she came down with post partum depression..now that would just make me laugh..but would be too awful...funny yes..but awful..bet the first time she went after him with a frying pan he would be shoving those anti-depressents down her throat..
be on the look out for my library buddy travis..i think his blog site is..fuck the world and leave it to the next kid? or something like that..he is posting as i type..he hates bush as much as i do..and that is what his first post is going to be about..bush short for bullshit..he is the brother of my granddaughter's best friend when they were kids..i used to call her my black grandaughter..she is a mommie now...and lives in abilene..he is a good kid and we became computer buddies here at the library...so look for him..
i see that kinky frienman is pumped up his war wagon and saying pithy statements as he makes his run for governor..i would like to vote for him but its hard to get me to trust anyone that voted for bush..sorry all you bush voters...but you shoulda know better...
man, the weather here is soo cool..i love it..jenny called me from waco and bitching cause she was freezing her butt off..had shorts and tshirt on..said dont you listen to the weather..long pause..."grandma..im 18 why would i be watching the tv for the weather report.?"..good point..
i see some small progress in the speed of blogster..its down from a 7 minute wait to a 3 minute wait...better than a poke in the eye i suppose..anyone heard from them yet? well, going to try and read some posts..

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