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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


everyone you speak to in all the stores or on the streets of west is a happy sumbitch...we are all sporting #22 signs on our assorted cars and trucks..all the store windows have go scott#22 on them...and eveyone had this big shit eating grin on their faces...scott and the chicago white sox have brought happiness and joy into our little town of drunk czech's...its a good thing...today in the post office there were about 5 of us recounting every play of the 2 games, laughing and grinning...it's fucking contagious...we is all happy...we would bitch a little about the cowboys but then it was oh, fuck them..lets talk about scott somemore...and to make it even better..the weather is wonderful...and my house is almost completely cleaned..have the bedroom almost done...and kitchen is done..and still working on bath and living room..but the house smells good. made a pot of beans and a pot of chili...rocky actually ate the canned cat food i got him this time and letterman even mentioned scott last night on his show..of course he kept mispronouncing his name but that's ok..when he hits another home run to win the series he can have him on the show and scott can tell him in person how to pronounce his name..so all is good in my little world which naturally pisses me off...how the fuck can i scream and rant about anything if im in a good fucking mood? that sucks..happiness is not all that it is cracked up to be..ruins all my bitching time..oh well, im sure i can think of something...forest will fuck up ...im waiting for him to go on some drunken coke binge and jump from the balcony of the white house...huh..huh...

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