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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

DEAR NEIL AND BOB(new owners)

man oh man...you guys really have some big Balls. i sit at my computer all humped over like some crone waiting for that little blue square at the bottom of the screen to span until it reaches the end...and after 7 minutes or so...success..and i hear thru comments on my blog that it might take 30 60 days to fix it...and ya'll have the nerve to talk to us about paying to belong to the blogsite...boy howdy...yas, master we be good slaves...
when i first got the idea to start blogging i had no clue what it was about what to do or how it was going to turn out..i really started so i would have a place to vent about shit that pisses me off (george w bush) and hopefully in the process..piss some rightwing republicans off...that was my dream my goal..what i found was a family...friends who are like my own...people that make me laugh, make me think, make me even change my mind about things..(not often) hell, im rooting for oklahoma...how weird is that..i have actually found and made friends with some of them republicans..not the right wingers but just regular old republicans..my kind of republicans...like barry goldwater republicans..blogging became my day... i couldnt wait to find something weird, funny, sad or something to piss someone off..i found obscure quotes, funny articles..made up silly stories(hey I dont have a life that i could intertain you with the shit that happens around me normally)I found that the first thing i thought about when i woke up (right after i peed) was did i have all the stuff i had gathered up the night before in my purse to take to the library so i could share with my "pals"...and things went pretty fucking smoothly...sometimes the old blogster was slower than two old people fucking..but it wasent so bad that you couldnt live with it..and it made me happy...and im into making old jackiesue happy...life has not been a barrel of laughs...but i had found something that fucking made my day...and now...inter...neil and bob or what ever the fuck their names are..now im sure they are perfectly nice people and had all intentions of making this a money making proposition for them selves..power to the people..but their buying blogster has fucked up my little wet dream...now i sit at the computer and wait for 7 minutes to read one post by one person...then 7 minutes to make a comment...7 minutes to read another post...i have been here today since 3pm and it is 4:20pm and i have posted this the one about the dog and read my comments on my posts...that is all...so what this boils down to ...is there another blogsite that we all can join and still be together and say fuck...since it takes forfuckingever to read comments email me
going to try and read some of your posts...

*Note: Reference is to new owners that took over Blogster and made it suck ass

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