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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


and hope to never have to talk about this again..i am so much better, with the exception of the thwidth noise my asshole makes when i walk..i am good.my ass hasent seen that much action since...well, that is another story for another time..but i can comfortably say that the gyster is out of business..found out it is something that is going around..but no one was quite as graphic as me telling about their ailment..i was at grocery store regaling the girls with my ass spewing tales and one of the girls laughed so hard she spit her gum across the room..told me to shut up before she peed herself..told her please enought shit and urine jokes...she had to leave the register and run to the bathroom...ahh, i love life..
im afraid im becoming like mel gibson in the conspiracy movie blaming everything on neil and bob..denise was right ..i went back and edited abunch of h's out of the title of my blog and things went back to normal...jackiesue 83..neil and bob..1
i am just so pissed that i cant read any post and cant comment...commenting on everyone's post is one of my favorite things and something i do well. just dont jot down something..i give considerable thought to comments that will be either funny or gross or both..
the weather in west has gone from fall to summer again..told you...it is now back up in the 90's..althought they say there will be rain tomorrow..they wish...me too. yard looks like needles calif in july...speaking of needles in july..did any of you ever drive in a car across death valley during the summer back in the 50's or 60's..when ac's where unhead of in most cars? i remember all the cars had these canvsas bags full of water hung on the hood's..in 1955 i think we were coming back from hawaii and driving to laredo texas..what a downer..3 years in hawaii to laredo texas...we flew navy from hickam afb to la and then daddy bought a car and we drove the rest of the way. was summer time and we had my bird pete in a cage who was not handling the heat very well after spending his entire life in hawaii. pete who had the nastiest vocabulary of any bird every was absolutely livid in that fucking cage..he had never been in a cage befor..he had a"playpen"..just a base with perches and toys..so here we are driving across the desert, in the middle of summer going across death valley. me pissed because i didnt want to leave hawaii, mom pissed because daddy wouldnt fly and buy a car in texas and daddy singing ernest tubb songs...and pete in all his glory screaming at the top of his lungs"sonofagoddamnbitch mother fucker,fuck the yankees, a lot of japanese...ball fucking four you cocksucker..."...by the time we reached our kinfolk in arizona we were hysterical with laughter...we were a family that screamed, fought cussed and then laughed our asses off...adventually the laughter faded and there was only the screaming and cussing..an occasional whacking of someone upside the head with a skillet but no more laughter..but then it was good...just the three of us laughing our asses off at that stupid bird.

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