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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


well, the mexican army is going back to mexico after 3 weeks of helping us in san antonio...really do appreaciate all the help that people have given to texas to help in aiding all these people...but do think i heard davey crockett spinning in his grave...
and for some reason and the goddess knows i have no reason to..but i feel like i have to take up for and defend waco..when chris said it was the most boring city i was right there going yup...it sure is a boring city..and then for some reason i felt the need to defend the city...dont ask me why...but here goes..
waco has a very nice art center, the hippodrome theatre, the waco civic center, the waco symphony, there is a historic villiage that you can visit and indian sprins park is beautiful nd the mason's grand lodge is an incrediable building with the two grand lions in front to guard the door..we have several museums..some absolutely beautiful old historic homes and baylor for all its faults has a pretty campus.anually they have a charity ball, cotton fest, christmas on the brazor which is really pretty. the brazos river festival and on the 4th of july we have a great fireworks show over the brazos..the suspension bridge was made and designed by the same guy that built and designed the brooklyn bridge...plus you can watch games at floyd stadium and the ferrell center..where the baylor girl bears won the championship...we also have lots of outdoor concerts during the summer and lots of activities for the kids to intertain them so the parents can listen to great music.
so there...

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